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Sunday March 27, 2016 @10:14PM Redbox Plans To Launch New Streaming Service 'Redbox Digital'
Tuesday March 08, 2016 @08:27PM 1 in 3 Developers Fear AI Will Replace Them
Friday March 04, 2016 @08:27PM Oculus Founder: Rift Will Come To Mac If Apple "Ever Releases a Good Computer"
Friday February 19, 2016 @10:40AM What Bell Labs Was Like C.1967
Friday February 19, 2016 @10:38AM A New Technique Makes GPS Accurate To An Inch
Monday February 15, 2016 @10:11PM SnO: First Stable P-Type 2D Semiconductor Discovered
Friday February 05, 2016 @01:56PM Intel Says Chips To Become Slower But More Energy Efficient
Tuesday March 12, 2013 @09:18AM Ask Slashdot: Building a Cheap Computing Cluster?
Friday March 08, 2013 @09:16PM US CompSci Enrollment Leaps For 5th Straight Year
Friday March 01, 2013 @08:13PM The Raspberry Pi Turns One
Sunday December 30, 2012 @10:47AM Ask Slashdot: CS Degree While Working Full Time?
Friday November 23, 2012 @03:05PM On Demo, a $25 1080p Camera Module For Raspberry Pi
Tuesday September 18, 2012 @09:23AM Ask Slashdot: Teaching Typing With Limited Electricity, Computers?
Sunday September 09, 2012 @03:17PM Ask Slashdot: Best Computer For a 7-Year Old?
Tuesday August 07, 2012 @08:57AM A New Glider Found For Conway's Game of Life
Friday July 27, 2012 @11:31AM Ask Slashdot: How To Clean Up My Work Computer Before I Leave?
Thursday July 26, 2012 @02:08PM Champions Declared In AI Poker Tournament
Saturday April 14, 2012 @01:52AM Raspberry Pi Arrives, With a School Debut In Leeds
Tuesday February 14, 2012 @09:06PM A Paper Alloy To Replace Plastic Cases
Thursday December 22, 2011 @06:55PM Ask Slashdot: Ideal High School Computer Lab?
Monday October 24, 2011 @01:13AM Rendering Synthetic Objects Into Old Photographs
Saturday June 11, 2011 @12:25PM Computer Glitch Friday Grounded US Airways Flights
Thursday June 02, 2011 @05:20PM Simulations Show Quantum Error Not As Bad As Believed
Tuesday May 31, 2011 @06:29PM Ask Slashdot: Good Homeschool Curriculum For CS??
Thursday May 12, 2011 @07:04PM Museum Helps Domesday Reloaded Project
Tuesday May 03, 2011 @06:51PM AppleCrate II: Apple II-Based Parallel Computer
Monday April 25, 2011 @12:12PM Iran Says It Has Detected Second Cyber Attack
Thursday March 31, 2011 @09:01PM Google Is Introducing the +1 Button
Wednesday March 09, 2011 @02:29AM Can You Beat a Computer At Rock-Paper-Scissors?
Monday February 28, 2011 @05:17PM HBGary Federal CEO Aaron Barr Steps Down
Tuesday February 22, 2011 @03:00PM Sonar Keyboard Logs You Out To Protect Your Data
Sunday February 20, 2011 @10:25PM UK Government Wants to Spring Ahead Two Hours
Tuesday February 08, 2011 @05:21PM How Machine Learning Will Change Augmented Reality
Thursday December 09, 2010 @07:19PM Stuxnet Still Out of Control At Iran Nuclear Sites
Saturday November 20, 2010 @07:18PM Chess Terminator Robot Takes On Former World Champ
Wednesday November 03, 2010 @09:06AM With the Jack PC, the Computer's In the Wall!
Tuesday October 12, 2010 @11:16AM Computer Defeats Human At Japanese Chess
Tuesday October 05, 2010 @01:46PM It's Time To Build the Analytical Engine
Sunday September 19, 2010 @09:04PM What Happens to Australia's E-Waste
Wednesday June 09, 2010 @03:11PM AI Astronomer Aids Effort To Analyze Galaxies
Monday May 10, 2010 @12:05PM 1 Molecule Computes Thousands of Times Faster Than a PC
Monday February 15, 2010 @09:44PM Computer Engineer Barbie Unveiled
Tuesday January 05, 2010 @12:38PM Kurzweil Takes On Kindle With "Blio" E-Reader
Tuesday December 15, 2009 @09:45AM Hand Written Clock
Monday November 23, 2009 @11:04AM Modded UX490 UMPC Shows Off Years of Community Development
Wednesday September 16, 2009 @04:26PM Rome, Built In a Day
Thursday May 14, 2009 @05:56AM Audio Visual Services
Tuesday April 25, 2006 @10:59AM The Continuing American Decline in CS