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Microsoft To Launch At Least One Surface All-In-One PC Next Month ( 67

Microsoft plans to launch at least one Surface all-in-one PC next month, reports ZDNet. The company has been testing 21-inch, 24-inch, and 27-inch models for quite some time, but it is unclear which variant it plans to launch at its event in October. ZDNet reports:I've heard that Surface Cardinal could be positioned as a product that can turn your desk into "a studio." My bet: Cardinal is the rumored Surface All-in-One device running Windows 10, which may come in one, two and/or three different screen sizes (21, 24 or 27), as first reported by Windows Central. This may be the consumer-focused version of Microsoft's Surface Hub, as Windows Central speculated, using the Perceptive Pixel screen technology that's at the core of Surface Hub.
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Microsoft To Launch At Least One Surface All-In-One PC Next Month

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  • I can't wait (Score:1, Insightful)

    They have been selling so many Surface tablets. I see them everywhere! On the street, on the subway, coffee shops. Why not introduce a line of PC's based on such a successful product. It is just good business*.

    *Warning: may be overstated. Sales of Surface tablets may be in the single digits. No Surface Tablet has actually been spotted outside of a store.
    • They must have all been given to the NFL and CBS for gratuitous Windows logo placement.

    • by nomadic ( 141991 )
      I know, slashdot, M$, BSOD, blah blah blah, but I see them around plenty. I have a Surface 4 and I love it, and even some of the Mac websites were conceding that it's actually a pretty slick machine. And not just targeting you, but it's so weird when Linux and Mac fans both argue that sales figures are probative of quality, considering Mac's pre-2000 history, and Linux's entire history.
      • No you don't see them. I live in one of the most populated areas in the US and I never see them, ever.
      • the hands of Microsoft. MCS contractors who work for us seem to have a few. No one else, though.

      • I see a lot of them, too. I have a Surface Book (that I'm actually quite enamored with), and have a co-worker that has a Pro 4. She seems to like it well enough. I see them at airports a lot these days, but that could also be that I notice them because I have one (kinda like you buy a brand x car, then you see it EVERYWHERE), and they are very common at the conferences I attend as a vendor. Those are mostly government-worker attended conferences, though, and I think Microsoft still has excellent penetra
    • Well, I for one would take one for free, provided that the boot loader is not locked. Go Microsoft, go!
    • No Surface Tablet has actually been spotted outside of a store.

      I saw one at the library yesterday. They've been selling in the category of 'poor person's laptop.' At least, that's what I think whenever I see one.

      • 'poor"? Hardly.

        They're several times the price of those brightly coloured netbooks that HP pumps out with specs barely changed in a decade - WXGA.

      • I saw one at the library yesterday. They've been selling in the category of 'poor person's laptop.' At least, that's what I think whenever I see one.

        Well, hardly. The SP4 starts at $750, which is $150 less than the starting MBP. I really doubt at that price anyone is picking the SP to save $150.

        I have to say though, Apple Marketing has worked well on you. Judging people as "poor" for using a MSFT product. You are s shining example of what Apple wants to make all of us.

        • Judging people as "poor" for using a MSFT product.

          If you want to know, I usually judge them as ignorant more than anything.

          • If you want to know, I usually judge them as ignorant more than anything.

            Considering you were so far off on the price and didn't bothering looking it up, I'm judging you ignorant and lazy.

    • No Surface Tablet has actually been spotted outside of a store

      Things must be different where you are. I see them everywhere - Coffee shops, airports, trains, hotel lobbies...

    • by SirSlud ( 67381 )

      They didn't sell like hotcakes, but they also didn't sell poorly enough to work as the subject of the joke you're trying to make: []

    • Bahaha

      Funny how I and all of IT here own them. Many former clients buy them for executives too.

      Really? Yes this is an anti ms site but the surface makes MS billions in revenue and is a top generator of income behind Azure and office. The large surface hub sold out within 1 week and MS has tons of back orders.

      Keep dreaming.

      Oh and they make great Ubuntu tablets too I may add so this is not a pro MS troll as I dual boot mine

    • I have on occasion seen passengers on planes using these things. I do think they are neat, but I'd want a 16GB RAM, 64GB core i5 Flash drive configuration at $500 before I'd consider one.

      On this thing, if it is a 20"+ screen, I'd want to know whether I can put a matte sheet protector on it. If I can't, I'm not interested. All my phones & tablets have that, and there's no way I'm doing w/o it. Even w/ the protectors, I use a stylus on them, not my smudgy fingers. And I hate it that I can't have th

  • and no one cared

  • ...but will we be able to fix them when they stop working?

    The iMac has been king in this space for nearly two decades now; it uses proprietary parts and is a pain to repair but is at least popular enough that you can find replacement parts for a long time.

    These also-rans have the same flaws, plus they are built in small quantities; the channels for their proprietary parts dry up fast and then you've got a doorstop when something decides to fail.

    Until another company is willing to go toe-to-toe with Apple in

    • ...but will we be able to fix them when they stop working?

      You're so silly, asking all these questions!

      Microsoft has been studying Apple products but also filagree jellyfish brought up from the deeps of the world's oceans. When they saw that the beautiful and precious jellyfish had arrived at the surface rendered into sad shapeless ooze, it gave them an idea.

      It will be called a Surface Tablet because they intend to manufacture them deep in the ocean, press the pieces together into shells down there with hydraulic rams, then bring them up to the surface and sell th

  • I've actually been looking for a high-quality All-In-One.

    I use a nice workstation at work...two high quality 24 inch displays on a monsterous dual-mount. Giant tower, etc. It's at work and I don't mind it taking all the space. (Coding and photo editing)

    I don't want a giant set of monitors and a noisy tower at home. I have a nice office, and I want to keep it that way. I was looking for an All-In-One, and I was actually resigned to buying a Mac, because of the screen. For photo editing the screen is th

    • The Surface TABLETS are more than $1,800. I think $4,000 is more likely.
      • by geeper ( 883542 )
        Actually, the tablets start at $700 at Amazon []. Depends on the specs you need.
      • The Surface TABLETS are more than $1,800.

        Surface Pro 4 starts at ~780USD. []

        Seriously though, you can't be bothered to spend 5 seconds on Amazon before posting?

        • Oh right...except no one is going to get the lowest i5 model wth 4GB of memory. The i7 model is $2,000-$2,400.
          • Right, because a latest gen Core i5 isn't really enough to do real work, right? Go do a little Googling, and come back and apologize when you see how many laptops, and mid range GAMING systems ship with i5's.

    • All-in-ones use the same parts as a laptop or desktop. So they're no quieter than a desktop or tower. The tower is only noisier if it's been designed as a server with excessive and aggressive cooling. In most situations the tower will actually be quieter because you can shove it under or even behind the desk, while the AIO will be sitting on your desk close to your ears. If you're not building it yourself, try the Dell desktops. A Dell my friend bought was quieter than the system I custom-built using l
  • All-in-No thanks
  • They need to sell an affordable 40" surface table. dell and HP already have sub $600 20 ish inch touch pc's running windows 10, there is zero reason for a microsoft one.

    They need to get off their ass and sell the table sized stuff at a price lower than that of a BMW M3.

  • What impresses me is how well they hold their value.

    I was looking at picking up one of the older Surface Pros. A first-gen one (with keyboard and stylus) will show in eBay at $350 with 30 bids.
    • Maybe it was used with an embedded system? We have some old crappy barcode scanners and they cost just as much as nice new ones because if you haven't upgraded to the new ones it is because you can't be bothered with the expense of updating your back end and will pay the same price for the old hardware.
  • The monitor (should) last much longer than the PC. There is a reason for having the two separated. Especially if we are talking about mid-range to high end monitors. They are an investment that should last for at least 2-3 PCs.
    All-in-ones have the downsides of both desktops and laptops. If you don't need the power and expandability, get a laptop. And get an external monitor if you want a large one.

  • Where I work, the Surface has exactly one benefit: our Java programs can be installed on it as if it were just another computer. But once Android has that ability, the Surface's one advantage will evaporate; leaving only downsides.

  • In a few of the real estate offices I've worked with, Surfaces have become standard equipment. They primarily want Office, strong PDF support, and support of various proprietary features on websites. The latter two are especially useful, since a single contract, including cancellations, edits, drafts, etc. can normally take a full ream of paper. By going digital, they can save on the paper and toner. Most of them already have some degree of experience working with Windows systems, so the familiar interface

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