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Ford Will Demo Solar-Charged Car At CES 179

Posted by timothy
from the yes-please-but-also-a-swappable-battery dept.
Lucas123 writes "Ford plans to demonstrate its first solar-powered hybrid vehicle at CES next week. The Ford CMAX Solar Energi Concept car will have 1.5 square meters of solar photovoltaic cells on its roof to generate power to charge its battery. By themselves, the PV solar panels generate only 300W of power — not enough to charge the vehicle's battery in one day. Ford, however, said the car will be coupled with a carport that has solar concentrating lens atop it. The magnifying lens, called a Fresnel lens, will concentrate about 10 times the solar energy so the vehicle can be recharged in a single day — the same speed with which a standard hybrid charges using a plug." (Of course, some charge faster than others.)
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Ford Will Demo Solar-Charged Car At CES

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  • by Anonymous Coward on Thursday January 02, 2014 @04:20PM (#45849407)
    I have a large parabolic reflector that I sometimes use to focus concentrated solar energy at random locations on my neighbor's property. It only takes a few seconds to start smoking and eventually creates a flame if I leave it long enough. My neighbor thinks his property is haunted but I laugh so hard when I see him running around the yard with a pail of water it's worth the risk of being found out.

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