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NVIDIA and AMD Launch New High-End Workstation, Virtualization, and HPC GPUs 95

Posted by Unknown Lamer
from the doubles-as-a-space-heater dept.
MojoKid writes "Nvidia is taking the wraps off a new GPU targeted at HPC and as expected, it's a monster. The Nvidia K20, based on the GK110 GPU, weighs in at 7.1B transistors, double the previous gen GK104's 3.54B. The GK110 is capable of pairing double-precision operations with other instructions (Fermi and GK104 couldn't) and the number of registers each thread can access has been quadrupled, from 63 to 255. Threads within a warp are now capable of sharing data. K20 also supports a greater number of atomic operations and brings new features to the table including Dynamic Parallelism. Meanwhile, AMD has announced a new FirePro graphics card at SC12 today, and it's aimed at server workloads and data center deployment. Rumors of a dual-core Radeon 7990 have floated around since before the HD 7000 series debuted, but this is the first time we've seen such a card in the wild. On paper, AMD's new FirePro S10000 is a serious beast. Single and double-precision rates at 5.9 TFLOPS and 1.48 TFLOPS respectively are higher than anything from Intel or Nvidia, as is the card's memory bandwidth. The flip side to these figures, however, is the eye-popping power draw. At 375W, the S10000 needs a pair of eight-pin PSU connectors. The S10000 is aimed at the virtualization market with its dual-GPUs on a single-card offering a good way to improve GPU virtualization density inside a single server." My entire computer uses less power than one of these cards.
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NVIDIA and AMD Launch New High-End Workstation, Virtualization, and HPC GPUs

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  • 375 W (Score:5, Insightful)

    by timeOday (582209) on Tuesday November 13, 2012 @03:53AM (#41964995)
    Here is a dumb thing to say:

    My entire computer uses less power than one of these cards.

    Does the person who wrote this know how much a TFLOP actually is, let alone 5.9 TFLOPS (single precision) and 1.48 TFLOPS (double)? As an example, an Intel Core i7 980 XE does 109 GFLOPS double-precision. This is over 13 times that! It is really exciting to see the power of GPUs broadened to scientific computing in general. I doubt these cards would be cost-effective or are really intended for gaming.

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