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Get a Glimpse At the Raspberry Pi Fedora Remix 50

Posted by timothy
from the what-if-one-came-with-every-display dept.
TheNextCorner writes "What software runs on the Raspberry Pi $25 computer? This video shows some of the preparation of the software package, run from a SD card using the open source Fedora OS."
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Get a Glimpse At the Raspberry Pi Fedora Remix

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  • by willaien (2494962) on Tuesday February 21, 2012 @09:45AM (#39109765)

    I see some potential issues here.

    Fedora isn't exactly known for being lightweight in the memory area. Nor are some of the programs they're demonstrating - firefox, etc.

    I don't feel like a full blown desktop OS like Fedora is a good fit for the Pi. Maybe one of the more lightweight UIs like Xfce or Lxde, but definitely not Gnome or KDE.

    I am looking, and don't see much indication from the article on exactly how stripped down Fedora is in order to work with it. If you take out most things that aren't necessary, recompile the kernel w/o unnecessary stuff (PCMCIA drivers on an ARM board without expansion options?), it could work well. Just don't expect Gnome or KDE. Think more like puppylinux or damnsmalllinux.

  • by Nursie (632944) on Tuesday February 21, 2012 @09:57AM (#39109885)

    You know we have modules for that these days, right?
    Stuff like pcmcia drivers only get loaded when needed.

    Also it's not as if the Pi is the first linux ARM board out there. Some of us have been running debian on ARM for years.

    Hell, I was able to run GNOME 2 over VNC from my Sheevaplug about 3 years ago. Configurable distros like fedora, debian, ubuntu and the other big names should be fine on Pi.

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