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How to Convert Your HD-DVD Discs to Blu-Ray 275

Posted by ScuttleMonkey
from the but-what-about-how-to-do-it-on-linux dept.
eldavojohn writes "Are you one of the few who boarded the HD-DVD Titanic ship headed to the bottom of ocean to join BetaMax? Fret no longer, friend, simply convert those and pretend like you never invested in the wrong technology! All you need is a Windows machine with a fast processor, an HD-DVD drive, a Blu-Ray burner, 30GB of free disk space, at least, though 40GB or more is recommended and an internet connection to download the software! Or you can sit and be the crazy guy who continues to argue that HD-DVD is the superior technology whether it's true or not."
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How to Convert Your HD-DVD Discs to Blu-Ray

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