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Monday March 26, 2018 @07:34PM Elon Musk Says Boring Company Will Sell 'Lego-Like' Kits of Excavated Rock
Sunday November 20, 2016 @04:04PM Humble Bundle Supports The EFF With A LEGO eBook Sale
Friday January 29, 2016 @12:47PM Ask Slashdot: Economical Lego-Compatible 3-D Printer?
Tuesday February 18, 2014 @09:50AM 12-Year-Old Builds Lego Braille Printer
Saturday September 07, 2013 @10:32AM Austrian Professor Creates Kindle E-Book Copier With Lego Mindstorms
Sunday December 30, 2012 @10:22AM Investing In Lego Bricks For Fun But Mostly Profit
Tuesday October 16, 2012 @12:09PM The space jump -- in Lego!
Thursday September 13, 2012 @09:03AM University Team Builds Lego and Raspberry Pi Cluster
Sunday August 12, 2012 @10:40AM Make Your Own LEGO Curiosity Rover
Tuesday June 19, 2012 @12:58PM A Turing Machine Built With Lego, And a Place To Put It
Wednesday May 23, 2012 @09:37AM SAP VP Arrested In False Barcode Scheme
Friday April 20, 2012 @05:48PM LEGO is in trouble with feminists
Monday January 30, 2012 @01:11PM Sinclair ZX81 Made Out of Lego
Friday January 13, 2012 @07:19PM Google Science Fair Back For 2nd Year
Thursday November 24, 2011 @12:37PM Lego Bible Too Racy For Sam's Club
Thursday November 24, 2011 @12:05PM Lego bible too racy for Sam's Club
Thursday May 26, 2011 @02:32PM Lego Fan Creates 250,000-brick Garrison of Moriah
Monday May 23, 2011 @01:31PM Lego Super-8 Video Projector
Friday January 28, 2011 @11:36PM A Lego Replica of the Antikythera Mechanism
Sunday November 21, 2010 @09:04PM Thought-Provoking Gifts For Young Kids?
Thursday October 21, 2010 @03:17AM A 3D Lego Fabricator Made of Lego
Friday June 11, 2010 @06:19PM Brick Shooting Shotgun Built From Lego By 15-Year-Old
Thursday June 03, 2010 @05:24AM The Genius of the Lego Printer
Tuesday April 20, 2010 @01:29PM Lego Robot Plays Tetris
Thursday February 18, 2010 @12:06PM Lego Creating Multiplayer Online Game
Monday September 07, 2009 @02:07PM How Hollywood Tie-Ins Saved Lego
Thursday May 07, 2009 @07:19PM What Data Center Designers Can Learn From Legos
Monday March 02, 2009 @11:32AM Lego Secret Vault Contains All Sets In History
Thursday November 13, 2008 @10:08PM Lego Loses Its Unique Right To Make Lego Blocks
Thursday July 24, 2008 @07:31AM Inside the Lego Factory
Wednesday March 14, 2007 @11:15AM World's First Lego Autopilot
Tuesday March 06, 2007 @07:22PM Lego MMOG Announced
Monday January 15, 2007 @05:47PM Building Chips Like LEGO
Wednesday November 01, 2006 @07:47AM Lego Christmas Production Shortage
Sunday July 30, 2006 @12:34AM Fan-Designed Mindstorms Release Next Tuesday
Tuesday May 02, 2006 @12:33PM Lego to Open Mindstorms NXT Firmware
Monday April 24, 2006 @04:11PM 'Lego' Approach Thwarts Anthrax Toxin