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LG's Upcoming 'G7 ThinQ' Smartphone To Feature Almost-Bezel-Less Display With Notch, Launch On May 2nd (9to5google.com) 51

Earlier this morning, LG announced in a blog post that it will be hosting an event on May 2nd in New York City, where it would unveil its upcoming "LG G7 ThinQ" Android smartphone, with a public event in Korea on May 3rd. While LG has yet to confirm any other details of the phone in this post, we do have a pretty good idea as to what this flagship smartphone will feature thanks to some recently-leaked renders courtesy of Android Headlines. 9to5Google reports: This latest shot of the phone gives us a clear look at the design on the front and back. Up front, there's the same notched display we saw at MWC with questionably thick bezels on the bottom and top. With those bezels and the notch, users are undoubtedly going to be questioning LG's design choices this time around. There's also a glass back that comes in several colors with a fingerprint sensor and vertically oriented camera in tow. According to the report, LG will be launching the phone in Aurora Black, Platinum Grey, Moroccan Blue, Moroccan Blue (Matte), and Raspberry Rose, but it's unclear which markets those colors will be available in.

LG's Upcoming 'G7 ThinQ' Smartphone To Feature Almost-Bezel-Less Display With Notch, Launch On May 2nd

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  • Apple has been trying to sue Samsung for "slavishly cop[ing] a combination of several elements of the Apple Product Configuration Trade Dress". It's still tied up in courts and apparently LG feels they can sell a lot of phones before this is resolved

    And I think "slavish" is fair when you copy the worst features of a device.

    • Except they're copying the Essential PH1, not any Apple product.

      • by OrangeTide ( 124937 ) on Tuesday April 10, 2018 @07:53PM (#56415347) Homepage Journal

        It is possible, just maybe, that LG copied Apple. Even though Apple copied Essential. I feel a bit like we're running designs through a Xerox multiple times and the quality is lost a little each time.

        • Re: (Score:3, Interesting)

          It’s really not possible that Apple coppied Essential. There were leaked images of the iPhone X notch well before the Essential phone was enveiled. The Essential only went on sale 1 month before the iPhone X. How long do you think it takes to develop and put a product like the iPhone X into production?
          • How long do you think it takes to develop and put a product like the iPhone X into production?

            logistically 10 months minimum. but typically 16-20months if it's more than just a simple follow on project.

            The Essential only went on sale 1 month before the iPhone X

            Perhaps. But I've known about things going on in my industry many months before it was announced. I guess it depends on how well Essential kept a lid on things. I don't think you can argue that Apple wouldn't care about Essential because even they don't there is still a big rumor mill in the industry. Even really obscure inconsequential start-ups get discussed in the lunch room and at the bars around

    • That is probably what is meant with a "top notch" smartphone

    • by thegarbz ( 1787294 ) on Wednesday April 11, 2018 @06:22AM (#56416957)

      You do realise that Apple was the 3rd to market with a notch right, the other two being Android phones?

  • by supernova87a ( 532540 ) <kepler1@@@hotmail...com> on Tuesday April 10, 2018 @07:35PM (#56415269)
    I wonder, have we reached the point in cell phone evolution where in your next phone, you ask not "what's the next marginally cool feature", but instead, "to what extent does this equipment and OS protect my info and perform they way I think it should"?

    To me, it seems like the industry, and more importantly, we as consumers (well, the ones who have owned a few smartphones by now), are reaching this point of maturity.
    • The better question that should be asked:

      What new phone doesn't reduce my hardware features and battery life?

      I already gave up physical qwerty phones. I'll be damned if I lose my headphone jack!

      • Last time I looked at WalMart there were hardly any headphones at all on display that were not 'wireless.' I was in the mood to spend some money on a good pair of wired headphones. I know WalMart wasn't the place to start, but I for some reason had the idea they might have at least one or two choices of higher-quality brand-name headsets with a cable.

  • I don't need a thinner phone. And the last thing I want is a phone that I can't hold in my hand without accidentally touching the screen on the edges.

    • So much this. My bezel is maybe 1.5 mm wide. The benefit of eliminating it is about zero. As for the notch, I can't figure out why I should care. Maybe I'm weird, i want my phone to do stuff, I don't really care how it looks.
  • Now we ALL get to enjoy a jagged viewport in landscape orientation.

    At least it's not as horrifying as the time Apple's use of glossy displays on their laptops convinced display manufacturers that ALL displays should have a glossy finish. (Hope you like glare.)

  • by LynnwoodRooster ( 966895 ) on Tuesday April 10, 2018 @08:01PM (#56415395) Journal
    The ThinQ is supposed to be 7.3mm thick - as thin as the iPhone 8. But they didn't show the courage of Apple and they kept the headphone jack. I guess their engineers are just not courageous enough to make internal parts bigger so you have to axe the jack...
  • by GrahamJ ( 241784 ) on Tuesday April 10, 2018 @10:05PM (#56415865)

    no one told them it’s bezels OR a notch, not both.

  • They will have holes instead
    Samsung already has a patent for screen holes for cameras, sensors, buttons, etc.

  • by Anonymous Coward

    Not really buying another LG phone with the craptastic aftermarket support they give. The Android version you see at launch is quite possible in most cases to be the only one it gets officially

  • FFS! and "because apple did it" isn't a valid response.

    Try listening to your customers...

    Like, LG brought out a watch that has a fully circular display -- no flat tyre. And then they do this...

  • What about starting innovating by removing the unsightly notch? Anybody can come up with a phone with almost no bezel and a notch. Are you so unimaginative that the no bezel - no notch combination is beyond your capabilities?
  • Another phone copying the competition. Wake me up when this cool new slider phone [gizmodo.com] is on the market.

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