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macOS 10.13.4 Enables Support for External GPU ( 53

With the latest release of macOS High Sierra, Apple has officially delivered on a couple of items in the works since WWDC 2017 last June. macOS 10.13.4 brings the external GPU (eGPU) support that lets developers, VR users gamers and anyone else in need of some extra oomph to plug in a more powerful graphics card via Thunderbolt 3. From a report: While that may not make every underpowered laptop VR ready, it certainly makes staying macOS-only more palatable for some power users. Another notable addition is Business Chat in Messages for users in the US. Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp and others have tweaked their services to enable customer service linkups and now Apple has its version available on the desktop. With it, you can interact with business representatives or even make purchases. Other tweaks include waiting for the user to select login fields before autofilling password information in Safari, a smoke cloud wallpaper that had previously been restricted to the iMac Pro and a Safari shortcut for jumping to the rightmost tab by pressing Command-9. Further reading: Gizmodo.
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macOS 10.13.4 Enables Support for External GPU

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  • On 3D forums I frequent sometimes, Mac users have been using external GPUs for ages. What is new here? Or is Bana... I mean Apple merely making support official?
  • I installed the latest macOS on my MBP this morning, and since, I unable to access my Samba server.
    It's still working from a Mini running 10.9.5 and a MBA under 10.11.6.
    Anybody else having this problem?

    • No problems here on my MBP with my local servers.
    • Weird, after an installation of Netatalk on my server, and the 3rd or 4th reboot of my MBP today, I got _both_ Netatalk and Samba working. What the hell has been going on in the while? Will never know? Sorry for the comments pollution!

  • by rsilvergun ( 571051 ) on Friday March 30, 2018 @12:18PM (#56353771)
    in those tight enclosures. Good cooling design helps, but it can only do so much. Also Mac users are going to find out that their laptops don't last for decades when they run their CPUs at full bore for 3-4 hour gaming sessions.
    • by jecowa ( 1152159 )
      The MacBook TouchBar has pretty good cooling with the motherboard wrapped around two fans.
      • but Linux tech tips just benchmarked that new iMac pro and even with all it's cooling there was still some throttling. Laptops are always going to be a tradoff in that regard. Maybe if there was a special enclosure that opened the mobo to air...
    • Also Mac users are going to find out that their laptops don't last for decades when they run their CPUs at full bore for 3-4 hour gaming sessions.>

      A large amount of cooling for games goes into cooling the GPU. So if you are running anything graphic intensive with an eGPU, the system will have a much easier time keeping the processor cool even if you are running it really heavily.

      Also more modern Macs have really good cooling design. The iMac Pro hardly ever spins up fans to where you can hear them, on

  • by timholman ( 71886 ) on Friday March 30, 2018 @12:26PM (#56353833)

    In related news, Apple also announced the MacBook Ultra Pro, which features no internal GPU or graphics card. As an accessory, users may purchase the GPU dongle with an associated external graphics card for the low, low price of $1499.

    Rumors are also swirling about the anticipated MacBook Mega Ultra Pro laptop, which is rumored to feature no screen or keyboard, and handles all I/O through the Touch Bar. Users can purchase optional dongles for attaching a keyboard and screen to the single USB-C port. Users can also purchase a matching keyboard and screen with a special Apple carrying case for just $999.

    • While amusing, you made one mistake.

      Apple wouldn't call it a "MacBook Ultra Pro" or a "MacBook Mega Ultra Pro." They would just call it a "MacBook Pro." This way, you'd have no idea what you were buying...

  • What is going to be the huge security hole in this release of MacOS 13?

    Every previous minor release has had a huge security hole in it, so what's it going to be this time?

  • Release another full-sized tower. The prices of Mac Pro 5,1s keep going up, Apple. Get the hint already.

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