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Google Stops Selling the Pixel C Android Tablet ( 48

Google is no longer selling the Pixel C, its flagship Android tablet released about two years ago. "Google's commitment to Android on tablets wasn't strong even then, and now the Pixel C is gone from the Google Store -- the listing page redirects you to the Pixelbook," reports Android Police. From the report: The Pixel C was an odd device. By all accounts, the hardware was originally intended to run Chrome OS, but Google couldn't get the platform ready for an all-touch device in time. So, the Pixel C became an Android slate. Google has been selling the device continuously since late 2015. It even offered some discounts on the tablet via the Google Store, which it almost never does for other devices. The 32GB Pixel C was pulled a while back, but Google kept the 64GB variant around. At a whopping $599, I doubt many people were buying it. Now, the Pixel C is completely gone from the Google Store, and there's no new tablet to replace it.
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Google Stops Selling the Pixel C Android Tablet

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  • by Anonymous Coward

    Destined for the garbage can

  • Google would be its 5th marriage!

  • Nexus 10 (Score:5, Insightful)

    by markdavis ( 642305 ) on Thursday December 28, 2017 @07:42PM (#55825147)

    >"At a whopping $599, I doubt many people were buying it. Now, the Pixel C is completely gone from the Google Store, and there's no new tablet to replace it. "

    And here I sit, still waiting for something worthy to replace my Nexus 10. The Nexus 10 was expensive enough- but at least it was a nice, quality, dual-front speaker, 10", widescreen tablet running plain Android. Nothing like it has come since. Samsung's offerings all have "contaminated" Android that I just couldn't swallow, and everything else has been narrow aspect ratio, too small, too poor quality, or no front stereo (or combinations of those).

    The Nexus 10 has held up well for the 5 years, but its days are numbered. Waiting for Google now seems hopeless.

    • I'd like a new Nexus 7 (or 8) Wi-Fi only - latest Snap Dragon processor and Android version, high quality screen, headphone jack, and more. The size is right for me, better than a phone for sure. I use my Nexus 7 2012 to check on news, listen to music, and read books. Our library district has over 50,000 e books and seems to be adding them faster than paper books and, again, the size is just right for e book reading. But the 2012 N7 is pretty slow when moving around and reading Flipboard. Samsung has some n
    • Does anyone just sell a stock Android tablet with good hardware, that can be updated to the latest Android as it's released? Whenever I've looked into it, it's always like, every manufacturer has their own Android tweaks that some people think are decent and some people think are terrible, and you have to wait for the manufacturer to port those tweaks to the new version of Android before you can upgrade. I don't really get why tablets can't be more like desktops/laptops. I don't need Dell to make a speci

      • Lenovo announced in August that they would move to stock Android. I tried out a new Lenovo TAB 4 10 (low end device; they have a higher end "plus" as well) for a few hours and it looked pretty much stock to me, especially compared to Samsung. Can't say whether it will get major updates, though. Out of the box it did immediately get an OTA point update on Android 7.x.

    • by Pulzar ( 81031 )

      The Nexus 10 has held up well for the 5 years, but its days are numbered. Waiting for Google now seems hopeless.

      Galaxy Tab S2/S3 9.7 is a good replacement. I'm quite happy with my S2... I'm starting to get used to Samsung hardware now that Google no longer makes stuff like Nexus 5, 7, and 10 that I've been very happy with. I finally switched to a Samsung phone, too, after the disappointment that Nexus 6 was.

      • I just do not want a narrow screen. 16:9-ish is what is needed for reasonably sized video playback- one of the primary purposes I use a tablet. That means only the Tab A, which is cheap, slow, no front speakers, only 2GB RAM and 16GB of storage, and sold with Android that is 2 versions behind. :(

  • by steveha ( 103154 ) on Thursday December 28, 2017 @08:19PM (#55825331) Homepage

    I never bought a Pixel C because I was basically content with my old Nexus 9.

    IMHO the Nexus 9 is the perfect size for a tablet. Any bigger and it would be bulkier and heavier; and the screen is just big enough to read technical books (including pages with tables or charts). I used to carry a Nexus 7 and that screen wasn't big enough.

    So what I really want is a tablet the same size and weight as my Nexus 9, with USB C and a fingerprint reader. That's it.

    The Pixel C tablet is bigger than the Nexus 9 and 81 grams heavier. It does have USB C but does not have a fingerprint reader. So I never spent the money on it.

    My Nexus 9 is getting kind of flaky and Google is no longer offering security updates so it's probably time to find something new to replace it. The only thing I have found that looks good is the Samsug Galaxy Tab S3. Similar size (about a half-inch taller and wider, I can deal) and weight (only 2 grams more!) to my Nexus 9, has a slightly bigger screen (9.7 inch diagonal vs. 8.9 inch), has USB C, has a fingerprint reader. []

    • by Zocalo ( 252965 )
      I picked up an S3 at almost 20% off in the post-Christmas sales (YMMV on discount availability, obviously) and it seems to fit your needs to a T. Personally, even with the discount, I think it's still slightly overpriced, but easily the nicest Android Nougat tablet on the market at the moment, although it will almost certainly be getting an update to Oreo at some point in 2018. There's surprising little bloatware pre-installed by Samsung - mostly MS Office and a few other popular tools - which can easily b
      • by steveha ( 103154 )

        Thank you for this information. I hadn't paid attention to the microSD slot... that's a plus.

        I already have a Bluetooth keyboard, and I'll be using that. It folds in half, so it's conveniently full-sized when you are using it. Important to me: all the keys are where my fingers expect them to be, including things like square braces and the Escape key.

        Also important: it has a built-in rechargeable battery instead of using disposable AAA cells. []

  • It really hard for me to upgrade my very (3 year) old Samsung Note Pro 12.2
      And this computer (pixelbook ) are not available to order from Google here in Québec.Canada... but is available for purchase in other Canada provinces.
    Maybe, because Québec have more agressive laws again bad quality hardware /s

  • This tablet was released TWO YEARS ago. Since then there were several replacement available, but none from Google (Galaxy Tab S3, Huawei Mediapad M3, etc)

  • I had a Nexus 7 and really liked it, until Google stopped updating the OS. Eventually, it god slower and slower, until it was pretty much unusable. Maybe Google was taking a page out of Apple's playbook, who knows!

    Still, I would have bought the latest generation of the Nexus because the price point was right, and the quality was good. But Google quit making them.

    Now they've quit making the Pixel C (which I never bought because of the price).

    I bought a Moto G phone and really liked it too, and Google also ab

    • Still, I would have bought the latest generation of the Nexus because the price point was right, and the quality was good. But Google quit making them.

      They didn't support them any better than anyone else did their phones, anyway. I had a Nexus 4, it didn't get any more OS updates than my Moto G.

      • Interesting. The Nexus 7 did get several OS updates. Mine started with KitKat, and it was upgraded to Lollipop and several minor updates.

        My Moto G (G4) was upgraded from Lollipop to Marshmallow and then Nugat by T-Mobile, so I'm pretty happy with that.

  • The tablet market is shrinking. What there is of it is almost entirely Apple, Samsung, and Amazon. (A Fire HD8 or HD10 with Google Play sideloaded is a quite functional tablet. They're lower end than a lot of the people commenting here have in mind but the price is certainly right.) There just aren't enough customers out there for anybody else to bother; Lenovo is the only other major company that is still trying.