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Snap Sold Fewer Than 42K Spectacles, Down 35% In Q2 ( 50

The hype surrounding Snap's Spectacles appears to be dwindling. Their sales have decreased by 35 percent in the second quarter of the year, with the company's latest consolidated financial report revealing that its "Other" revenue amounted to $5.4 million over the three-month period ending June 30. Android Headlines reports: With Spectacles being the company's only miscellaneous endeavor at this point in time and sporting a $130 price tag that has yet to see any discounts, it seems that the Venice, Los Angeles-based social media giant managed to only sell approximately 41,500 units of its first wearable in Q2 2017. During the first quarter of the year that also disappointed investors, Snap's "Other" business category recorded a revenue of $8.3 million, suggesting that the firm managed to sell around 64,000 units. The overall commercial performance of Spectacles may still improve during the current quarter as Snap just recently made the smart sunglasses available on Amazon, in addition to partnering with a number of physical retailers. Likewise, the Snapbot vending machines selling Spectacles only started appearing in Europe in June and are still popping up in a number of major cities on the Old Continent, which is another factor that could help improve the sales figures of Snap's camera-equipped pair of sunglasses. Regardless, the current state of affairs is unlikely to please investors, especially in light of the fact that Snap recently proclaimed itself to be "a camera company," noting how Snapchat is just one aspect of its product vision that's meant to incorporate a wide variety of photography-oriented hardware.
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Snap Sold Fewer Than 42K Spectacles, Down 35% In Q2

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  • by Anonymous Coward

    Maybe one could make a song from this theme :)

  • by Anonymous Coward

    'Snap recently proclaimed itself to be "a camera company,"'

    I think Nikon and Canon for a start would have something to say about that. Snap is a dogears on photos company.

  • Oh (Score:2, Funny)

    by Anonymous Coward


  • by WankerWeasel ( 875277 ) on Tuesday August 15, 2017 @06:51AM (#55015743)

    It never was a smart long-term investment. Even their stock symbol was an indication.

    S hort

    N ow

    A nd

    P rofit

    • I'd say the competition that sells their similar product for under $30 on Amazon would have a lot of say about SNAP's business model. And a cop that got shot using those same under $30 glasses is a great product release.
  • If there were anything worth bothering with here, I might be slightly concerned about it's apparently questionable viability. Luckily that isn't a problem.
  • I wouldn't buy one either, if I saw people wearing them getting punched in the face in the pub.

  • by Harold Halloway ( 1047486 ) on Tuesday August 15, 2017 @08:09AM (#55015989)

    I bought a pair and they Snapped.

  • A big flaw (Score:4, Interesting)

    by Nidi62 ( 1525137 ) on Tuesday August 15, 2017 @08:29AM (#55016043)
    A big flaw in their distribution plan for these glasses is that those vending machines are intended for people to purchase them on impulse. At a $130 price point it's hard to get people to make a snap decision to purchase one.
    • Vending machines would had worked in Japan, where all kind of things are available for sale.
    • by Nidi62 ( 1525137 )
      Disappointment: when your entire post is a set up to a pun to try and get +5 Funny and you end up modded Interesting without anyone acknowledging the pun :(
    • Those vending machines were just for hype. You've been able to buy Spectacles online for a long time now.

  • We got our phones. (Score:4, Insightful)

    by jellomizer ( 103300 ) on Tuesday August 15, 2017 @09:01AM (#55016183)

    The problem with Google Glass, Snap Spectacles, iWatch... Is the fact that we are carrying around a computer that 20 years ago would be the size of 2 refrigerators (One for the computer, one for storage) With a full desk worth sensors and cameras. All this in a pocket sized computer that we call a telephone. For the most part it is convenient enough for most tasks, and these extra devices only add a marginal improvement factor, with a tradeoffs, that make them not so effective.

    • Not at all. The problem is we still need our phones.

      Smart glasses are where PDAs were 20 years ago. Not smart enough to be useful, Not smart enough to replace having to carry around something else, and technology not quite there yet to prevent them from being a major PITA.

      I'm sure many people would rush at the opportunity to replace their smartphone with just a set of smart glasses, if they didn't look incredibly ugly, if they were useful, and if they could actually replace their smartphone.

  • Have you seen those Snap glasses? They're fugly as hell. And they cost $130 a pair. And the camera on them isn't even all that good, and the battery life is mediocre. It's just a bad product all around that sold poorly. This really shouldn't be a shock.
  • People spend billions on alternatives to glasses. Hell they cut their eyes up so they don't have to deal with glasses and pay thousands of dollars for the procedures. I'm saving for implantable lenses..

    Nobody will buy smart glasses. They are stupid.

    There is no mass market application. None.

    Stop wasting money!

    Until these things can go on a lens that is implanted or contact, there isn't any compelling reason for the added hassle over a smartphone.


    • There is no mass market application. None.

      What are you even saying. That because people don't want to wear corrective eyewear, there's no application for smart eye tech?

      Completely misses the point. Smart eye tech is about technology than can (discretely) project visuals and (discretely) record from the user's perspective, at any time. It's not about using prescription glasses as a place to attach a camera. Actually needing corrective eyewear is orthogonal.

  • by h4ck7h3p14n37 ( 926070 ) on Tuesday August 15, 2017 @01:21PM (#55018617) Homepage

    I ordered a pair of Snaptacles online when they became available. I figured Snap wouldn't be around for long and thought it would be a neat toy to add to my collection of failed/obsolete tech.

    The problem is they just don't work. I carried mine for a day and took videos until I ran out of space. When I got home and tried to retrieve the videos through the Snap app it just says "Failed". There's no way to get the videos off the Spectacles! I did find a workaround by marking videos as favorites and then saving to my camera roll, but then I can't view the video in the Snap app.

    Pairing was a nightmare. Why do I have to look at an image instead of doing the normal Bluetooth pairing procedure? The Spectacles refuse to pair with my Moto X Pure!

    The Snap stories don't work properly. You can only create a single story from all of your recorded videos and anything you don't want to include gets deleted. Did none of the developers actually use the Spectacles?

    Then you have the bare-bones functionality. There's no way to record continuous video. There's no way to take a picture instead of a video. There's no way to automatically take a Snap every X number of minutes. There's no way to trigger the Snaptacles from the app itself.

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