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Amazon Kills Off Unlimited Cloud Storage Option For Amazon Drive ( 76

Coldeagle writes: It looks like Amazaon is killing off it's unlimited storage plan and replacing it with a 1 TB plan for the same monthly cost. USA Today reports: "Amazon had the best deal in online storage -- unlimited backup for $59.99 -- but now unlimited is out. It has been replaced with tiered pricing, the system used by Amazon's rivals. The new rate, announced to customers Wednesday night, is now $59.99 yearly for 1 terabyte of online backup, with each additional terabyte (TB) costing an additional $59.99 annually. Additionally, Amazon is introducing a lower-priced tier set at 100 GBs of storage for $11.99 yearly."
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Amazon Kills Off Unlimited Cloud Storage Option For Amazon Drive

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  • by SensitiveMale ( 155605 ) on Thursday June 08, 2017 @06:42PM (#54580821)

    Companies that do this know that there will be some customers that use a little data, some that use a lot of data, and some that abuse the shit out of the offer. So they cancel the deal rather than deal with the abusers.

    If these companies know that they will only offer "unlimited" for a year a two, then why do it? Unless they think that a customer will be trapped after uploading their data and won't want to spend the time uploading it all again.

    I won't be upgrading my plan and will probably be going with backblaze for my backups.

    • " Unless they think that a customer will be trapped after uploading their data and won't want to spend the time uploading it all again."

      Bingo. Like the crack dealer, first hit is free.
    • It's called a lost leader, and it gets feet into the door. No one wants to walk into an empty store.

      The change isn't about people abusing it. That's just the excuse. It's about dollars, and only ever will be.

    • It's marketing. "unlimited" sells
    • Hey kid. C'mere. Try this out. First hit's free.

      Offering short term unlimited and removing it later is somewhat common. Lure folks in, get them hooked and then adjust the offering once they are sticky attached to the service.

  • If you want unlimited backup, you can still get it for $10 less per year than Amazon's price at Backblaze, same as before, even cheaper if you're willing to pay for two years up front. And CrashPlan is still offering unlimited storage at the same price as Amazon.

    Of course, that's assuming you're talking about backups, which is what USA Today mentioned. But this Amazon service is more comparable to Dropbox or Google Drive or iCloud Drive, which are general purpose personal cloud storage services, rather than

    • by Rastl ( 955935 )

      I just looked at Backblaze based on your suggestion. It's not $10 per year. It's $50 per year which is a $10 per year savings off the monthly price.

      Amazon Cloud was removed as a Plex cloud source because it's too darn slow. And probably Amazon saw people throwing terabytes of movies out there expecting to access them in a timely manner.

  • Amazon with almost certainty knew the unlimited model wasn't going to work. So they ran this "unlimited promotion" long enough for users to upload tons of data and now that their data is up there, make them pay more to keep it up there. There are cheaper options out there. I feel like I got bait & switched by Amazon.
    • by nwf ( 25607 )

      If you read their fine print, it wasn't unlimited anyway. They'd only let you upload certain file types, and they stated they could terminate you account if you used too much space. It was never unlimited, but likely more than 1 TB. I skipped their offerings for these reasons.

  • Users are uploading their entire media library for Plex or Kodi, up to 50TB etc, then they wonder why this happens.

    Should Amazon list it with false advertising? If course not, but a little common sense people, please.

    • We cannot underestimate the ability of Amazon to deduplicate of what individual users put into their web based solution. After the first few Petabytes everything but the wedding videos and photo albums tends to merge into the same 3rd Rock from the Sun Episodes and AVA greatest hits 2005 in the block storeage. Dropping the cost of that storage (and bandwidth) now that the first dozen petabytes is complete it is now time to push profit with people buying a TB at a time for the 3 times the rental cost of o
  • I was notified of this change the day my previous subscription ran out.

  • It's apparently "experiencing problems". Gee, I cannot imagine why! I had a decent chunk of storage backed up on their service and then they killed rclone. I was just about to begin using Duplicati and now this. So, after about 3 months of "service" I'm dropping them and have moved to Gdrive - currently uploading right now. Had I been able to use Duplicati I'd have kept both but now I'm a bit pissed - refund please!

    Don't advertise something you cannot handle and don't raise the price to the Moon when you re

  • It sounds pretty cheap.

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