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Dell Packs Xeon and Quadro GPU In 4lb Laptop ( 75

MojoKid writes: To look at the Dell Precision 15 5510, you wouldn't know that it sits in the middle of Dell's workstation lineup. The laptop is thinner and sleeker than you might expect a workstation-class laptop to be and the premium carbon fiber palm rest gives the system a decidedly high-end vibe. Not to mention, like the XPS 15, Dell equipped this machine with its 4K IGZO Infinity Edge display that has almost no bezel on three of its sides. However, the Precision 15 5510 is actually Dell's mid-range mobile workstation that also supports Intel Xeon E3 processors and NVIDIA's Quadro M1000 series GPUs. It's essentially a mobile workstation version of Dell's XPS 15 line but along with an NVMe PCIe Solid State Drive, delivers professional grade performance and the pro app certifications that go with it. Compared to Lenovo's ThinkPad W550 line, the Precision 15 is a more sleek, stylish machine and in testing it packs more punch as well. Lenovo may already have their Skylake Xeon refresh in the works for the ThinkPad W series, however.
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Dell Packs Xeon and Quadro GPU In 4lb Laptop

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  • by SeaFox ( 739806 ) on Wednesday February 10, 2016 @05:33PM (#51482261)

    it seems to be broken!

    • Seems to be working for me. I'm using Chrome, so perhaps it's a browser issue.
    • I have it disabled so maybe thats why I don't see it as and AD.. of course they are "trying to promote a product" thats self evident, but from that petty attempt of "review" to "Advertising" theres a long way in terms of elaboration and effectiveness. Good that you can pack all that power in there (thats the only bit of news in there), the design itself of the laptop is dull at best.
    • Yeah, the summary is a total slashvertisement, but it actually looks like a cool machine. If you customize the build, you can choose Ubuntu as the OS and save $100 over the Windows price. It also can take up to 32 GiB of Ram, whereas many small laptops now top out at 8 or 16 GiB GiB (that are soldered to the motherboard, of course).

      That said, the machine does cost an arm and a leg and has super shitty battery life.

  • As a developer... (Score:2, Interesting)

    As a developer, I want my laptop to have a large, bright screen and shit-tons of battery life so I can do work on a sunny patio instead of the office when it's nice outside. And since I own a backpack, I don't care about weight or how metro I look carrying my electronics. Therefore, I own a Dell Latitude, which can run VS 2015 on a single charge for about 6-8 hours and weighs a lot more than my (used mainly for pentesting) MacBook Pro.

    • Just get a long-ass cord and this [].
    • I also develop, and I wonder how loud the fans are when I have a few VMs running, the GPUs being hammered, and a zbackup process going on in the background to save my home directory files to my NAS. The laptop can support up to 32 gigs of RAM, which is decent. It also can handle a PCIe based SSD, which also is a nice thing to have.

  • by Joe_Dragon ( 2206452 ) on Wednesday February 10, 2016 @05:38PM (#51482339)

    no Ethernet in a pro workstation? without an dongle?

    And to block the TB port to use it (I hope it's TB3 but if it's just USB 3.1 then it's dumb next to using an USB 3.0 one)

  • The idea behind Xeons is running dual. Fail.

  • Look at that price .. $2600 for that. Only Dell fanboys would pay the Dell hardware premium for that overpriced piece of hardware.

    Oh, wait

    • Yeah, I read the story as "Expensive laptop is expensive."
    • Yeah, for that price, one could get a Surface Book Pro
  • by Teun ( 17872 )
    Sorry but it's lacking a trackpoint so the next one will be another Thinkpad.
    • But Lenovo has the awful chiclet keyboards now. Keyboards used to be one of their strong suits. I'm looking at a Dell M4800 since it has a trackpoint, non-chiclet keyboard, and good expandability.
      • by armanox ( 826486 )

        The new Dells (that replace the M4800) use the chicklet keyboards too. I'm going to be complaining to my Dell rep when I speak to her tomorrow :(

      • Eh, the keyboard on my yoga 2 pro was easy to get used to. The malware they install as system utilities, now THAT is a pisser.
  • Now, THAT is some Hot Hardware!
  • My Precision machines ran hot, but I blamed that on being about a mile up. Guess I was wrong.

  • With that silly excuse for a pointing device I'll wait for Lenovo to come up with a real mobile workstation with the same (or better) specs. Nobody can do real work with a silly touchpad, especially one that has no buttons.
    • by Osgeld ( 1900440 )

      oh it has buttons they are just under the touchpad, and they are god aweful as you have this enormous thin semi flexible plate teetering over two of the shittiest tactile switches ever made, and they dont even put those in a sane place, its where the buttons normally are with shitty printouts on said plate

      its horrid to use

    • Is buying a mouse or trackball too expensive for your budget?

      No one uses trackpads, but touchpoints are just as hard to use.

      • Is buying a mouse or trackball too expensive for your budget?

        No, but I am opposed to paying for a shitty pointing device when there exist laptops on the market that have really good pointing devices. Besides, if I buy a laptop and then an additional pointing device to go with it, I then have to find a place to set said additional pointing device when I am using the laptop, which means I likely won't be able to use it on the bus, train, or airplane. The weight and space savings of their design has also just fallen dramatically when the hardware selection is so awfu

  • why do you pile on the workstation crap in a widescreen formfactor and give us a retarded keyboard?

  • I haven't finished configuring it. But am excited. I would say this is a pretty high end laptop. And perhaps rivaling and surpassing the XPS line in many ways. On top of the option for Xeon processors and ECC RAM (which I didn't feel I needed - I went with a quad-core and standard RAM), the 17" version of this machine offers the option for RAID5 using NVMe M.2 drives. Note, for this, you need a special interposer connector and caddy. (Mine should arrive this week, and then I hope to have three Samsung Pr

  • Anybody know how well this can be Hackintoshed?

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