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HTC Wants To Bring Vive VR Headset To 100M+ Chinese Internet Cafe Users ( 8

An anonymous reader writes: While the Western vision of an internet café includes a shoddy WiFi hotspot and a few old desktops running Windows XP, the Chinese counterpart is more closely related to LAN gaming centers, offering up not only high speed internet access but also high performance gaming systems. In an effort to expose this quite massive population of gamers to virtual reality, HTC announced a partnership with ShunWang Technology, the software provider behind some 70% of China's internet café market. ShunWang plans to roll out arcade-like Vive VR systems to partner internet cafés across China.
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HTC Wants To Bring Vive VR Headset To 100M+ Chinese Internet Cafe Users

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  • by vikingpower ( 768921 ) on Friday December 25, 2015 @05:39AM (#51181435) Homepage Journal

    In Saharan and sub-Saharan Africa (I traveled both of them extensively), internet cafes are very often shoddy affairs, with impossibly old PCs running sometimes Windows 95 or Windows 98. But then again... I once went for a 4x4-wheel drive deep into the Mauritanian desert, with a friend who lives there. After about 200 kilometers, in the middle of only sand dunes, we met a family of nomads. They crowded around our pickup truck,and the first thing they asked: "Do you have any phone credit for sale?!?" (The closest cell mast was 160 kilometers away). Fond memory...

    • Yeah, their quality varies a lot depending on region. In Japan and Korea gamer Cafes seem to be a thing, and China has machines and connections allowing players to play MMO games.
      Tourist places(Canari Isles, Greece, Turkey, etc) seem to only offer Internet access. Not a whole lot more. In high GDP countries i guess they are shoddy places for tourists who can't use the hotel Wifi on their laptops/cells?

      Rolling out VIVE to something like Chinese LAN Cafès seem to be a no brainer. At the least it allows s

  • It's like bowling shoes for the face.
  • Seriously, owning the manufacturing means that you have cheap goods all around. That is why the west needs to bring it back.