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China Hardware

China To Spend $47 Billion In Bid To Become 3rd-Largest Global Chip Manufacturer ( 53

An anonymous reader writes: In an interview with Reuters, the head of China's Tsinghua Unigroup has revealed they will invest 300 billion yuan ($47bn) over the next five years with the ambition of becoming the world's third largest chip-maker. The state-backed company, also the technological investment arm of Tsinghua University, is in talks with an unnamed U.S. company (most likely Micron) though Zhao discounts the possibility of buying a controlling share as politically insensitive.
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China To Spend $47 Billion In Bid To Become 3rd-Largest Global Chip Manufacturer

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  • Regardless of the investment stated the problem with this countries "state owned" businesses are that profit isn't needed as quickly as other markets.

      Even if 76 billion is the initial commitment, they can sell at a loss for years until there's no competition.

      Then what?

  • of existing chips of course.
    • of existing chips of course.

      Here in 'Murika people used to dismissively say the same about Japanese electronics in the 60's. See how well that hubris worked for us.

  • by Anonymous Coward
    Do I need to say more? Am I going to start getting approached by Chinese nationals with offers of five- or six-digit paydays for smuggling next-gen silicon to them from the major microprocessor/SoC manufacturer I work for, so they can make knock-offs with malware/spyware/botnet baked right into them?

    INB4 modding me down for China-bashing by the China shills.
  • by fhage ( 596871 ) on Monday November 16, 2015 @01:00PM (#50940845)
    I found it very interesting that Tsinghua University controls the investment group. Does that make a difference?

    Their Wikipedia page says nothing about their EE department. I took a quick look at their EE dept. faculty page [] and, while large, don't seem to be doing much in chip design or fabrication.

    Can someone with more knowledge of the University provide some insight on its relationship to the Chinese military and national government? Has anybody here worked with current Tsinghua University faculty?

  • A good chunk of Micron's chip manufacturing capacity is via IMFT, which is a joint venture with Intel (hence the Intel Micron Flash Technologies Inc.) and I really doubt the US government would let them buy Micron...

    On the other hand, there are a bunch of chip manufactures in Taiwan (like TSMC or UMC) that they could buy, or even a bunch of Chinese manufacturers like SMIC that they could buy and expand.

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