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Cloud Growth Spurs Data Center Land Grab In Northern Virginia ( 20

1sockchuck writes: Data center developers are buying up land in northern Virginia, preparing for explosive growth of cloud computing infrastructure. Digital Realty just bought land in Ashburn, Virginia to support 2 million square feet of data center space, while DuPont Fabros, RagingWire and Sabey have also locked up land parcels for future growth. Why is Ashburn so hot? Cloud builders crave proximity to an Internet exchange operated by Equinix, which itself just bought land for another 1 million square feet of colocation space. That's one of the reasons why Amazon Web Services operates more than 20 data centers in northern Virginia. "Data center demand is stronger today than it's ever been," said Bill Stein, the CEO of Digital Realty.
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Cloud Growth Spurs Data Center Land Grab In Northern Virginia

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  • by JWSmythe ( 446288 ) <> on Thursday November 05, 2015 @02:07AM (#50868887) Homepage Journal

    Note: never ask about the microwave antennas on top of Equinix Ashburn DC1/DC2.

  • by Anonymous Coward

    And it's getting to the point that Dominion Virginia Power can't keep up with the growth. They are pulling in lines from Maryland and West Virginia, pissing off people that bought houses down route 50 left, right, and center. The various builders with any experience can't keep up with demand either, they are bringing in people from all over the country that work a shovel and own a pair of steel toe boots. The tech and facilities workers are being stretched thin as can be, it's almost as bad as the 90s wh

  • by Anonymous Coward

    Right by the N$A.

  • We were working in Equinix one day when we ordered pizza. The pizza guy showed up and asked:

    "Wow, I've never seen this place... What IS this???"

    The engineer replied, "Oh this place? It's the internet."


    • by tnk1 ( 899206 )

      They do have some pretty cool buildings and big name customers. Right across from our cage was Wikipedia and down the row was EA and a lot of other names you'd quickly recognize. It's not really the Internet, but you could be forgiven for thinking it was.

    • by Anonymous Coward

      I brought a black box to a board meeting one time and told them it was the internet...they were so impressed....oh wait, no, that was The IT Crowd.

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