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Nintendo Joins Khronos Group 46

jones_supa writes: Gamasutra reports that Nintendo has quietly joined Khronos Group, the consortium managing the OpenGL and Vulkan graphics APIs. The news was brought to Gamasutra's attention by a NeoGaf post, which notes that Nintendo's name was added to the list of Khronos Group contributing members earlier this month. As a Khronos Group contributor Nintendo has full voting rights and is empowered to participate in the group's API development, but it doesn't have a seat on the Khronos Group board and can't participate in the final ratification process of new API specifications.
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Nintendo Joins Khronos Group

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  • be berry, berry quiet.
  • by Anonymous Coward

    .... I can see some bullshit DRM like thing happening in the future.

    They are trying to encrypt all game code over the long term and host it on the other side of the net. Via streaming. Save this comment and in 20-30 years see if I was right.

    • by Anonymous Coward

      .... I can see some bullshit DRM like thing happening in the future.

      Actually AMD already confirmed a week ago that they are making a Direct Rendering Manager driver for Vulkan []

    • by Anonymous Coward

      You are probably right.
      Nintendo doesn't like any of their games to be streamed on twitch. They probably want HDCP turned on via opengl.

  • design by massive committee, I expect the first version of Vulkan to be great. Then each subsequent release to gradually fall further behind like OpenGL. With so many people in the group all with voting rights and pushing their own agenda's you get atrophy.

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