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Dell Expands Intel RealSense Tablet Lineup With 10.5-Inch Venue 10 7000 2-in-1 22

MojoKid writes "Dell unveiled a new Android 2-in-1 today, the Venue 10 7000, which brings with it many of the same hardware features that we saw with their popular Venue 8 7000 8-inch tablet. It's powered by a quad-core Intel Atom Z3580 processor with 2GB of RAM, 16GB of internal storage, and a 2560x1600 10-inch display. You'll also find a microSD slot that supports up to 512GB of additional storage, 802.11ac, Bluetooth 4.0, Miracast, front-facing stereo speakers, a 2MP front-facing camera, and an 8MP Intel RealSense 3D camera on the rear. Where things get more interesting, perhaps, is with the design of the tablet. Whereas the Venue 8 7000 features a more traditional tablet form-factor, the Venue 10 7000 features a cylindrical "barrel edge" which Dell says makes the tablet easier to hold and carry. It's reminiscent of Lenovo's Android-powered Yoga Tablet family. In addition to providing a handy place for your hand to grip the tablet, the cylindrical spine also serves as an attachment point for an optional keyboard that transforms the Venue 10 7000 into a laptop. The keyboard accessory allows the tablet to be used in five different configurations: Tablet Mode (w/o keyboard), Tablet Mode (w/ keyboard), Laptop Mode, Tablet Stand Mode, and Tent Mode.
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Dell Expands Intel RealSense Tablet Lineup With 10.5-Inch Venue 10 7000 2-in-1

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  • by SeaFox ( 739806 ) on Thursday April 09, 2015 @04:48AM (#49436271)

    We now return you to our program...

  • How on Earth is 16 gigs of internal storage going to be sufficient? My Stream 7 has 32 gigs and it's down to 12.8 gigs free with 5 or 6 apps installed and a recent disk cleanup (including system files). I'm no math whiz but 32-12.8 seems to be something like 19.1 gigs of storage used. The only way you could even hope of making 16 gigs of storage work would be to eliminate the recovery partition but, even then, you'll have no space to install software. Way to go, Dell. You've saved a couple bucks per un

    • Stream 7 is Windows 8, this machine is Android.

      Base models of iPad come with 16GB storage - the difference? This Dell machine comes with an SD slot.

      • I stand slightly corrected but notice I ranted about android phones, too. The SD slot is worthless for apps in Android. You can't expand the filesystem onto it and "moving" apps to the SD card doesn't actually move the entire app. Move GTA to the SD card and see how much of the 1+ gig of data gets moved. A fraction of a fraction of a percent. I had to delete it from my Galaxy S5 because I needed the space to install the update to 5.0.

        If you could expand the filesystem to include the SD card and present

        • by afidel ( 530433 )

          I disagree, I've had up to 120 apps installed on my S5 without being close to running out of room, but I have all my MP3's and podcasts on a 32GB SD card which makes it very useful.

    • Is 256GB on the microSD slot not enough? Oh, maybe you could get a second 256GB card then.
      • Not very useful. As someone else pointed out, this is an Android device which makes the SD card slot even less useful. If it was Windows, at least I'd have the option of installing apps to the card. But Android doesn't work like that. Even the apps that can be "moved" to the card rarely move all (or even a significant portion) of the app to the card.

        Also, there are no 256 gig MicroSD cards. The largest currently available is 128 gigs with 200 gigs announced.

        • Personally, I think that Android works well on a phone, but I just don't understand why anybody would want to use it on a 10 inch tablet. It's completely ridiculous. Only 1 app on the screen at a time. Some manufacturers have made hacks to allow some apps to be displayed side by side, but it doesn't work universally for all apps. The iPad is just as bad. I have a Surface 2 (not pro) and I think Microsoft has the right idea for tablet OS's. The new Surface 3 runs full Windows and costs the same as this
  • by sirwired ( 27582 ) on Thursday April 09, 2015 @05:17AM (#49436375)

    If this isn't a paid placement, it might as well be, given how it's completely void of any editorial content. If it was an actual review, it'd be marginal, but it's just a regurgitated re-hash of the spec-sheet and press release.

  • Is that for reading in bed?

  • I keep reading about Android on low-spec high efficiency chips. Has anyone built a system where Android is running on the latest i7?
    • Too much heat. It's not a market where a noisy fan is going to win sales.

      (By comparison Apple's new fanless Macbook uses a Core M, rather than a more powerful CPU)

      But if you want to build your own, there's the android-x86 project for porting it to generic hardware...

  • This thing is going to be a hard sell wit the new Surface 3 [] that just came out. $499, or $629 for this android tablet is exactly the same price as the Surface 3. Why would I want an Android laptop when I could have a full Windows laptop. The base model comes with 64 GB of storage.
  • Seems way overpriced, but not a bad design. I own a Lenovo Yoga 10, and I've been very happy with it. The barrel edge really does make it much more comfortable to hold than other tablets I've used. (I'll add that I paid less than half of what Dell's asking for this thing, even without a keyboard. And seriously, 16GB internal storage? I know it's got an SD slot, but still...)

  • A lot of Dell news on /. recently. Due to my not so happy Dell experience, though, count me out on this one.

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