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Extracting Data From the Microsoft Band 51

An anonymous reader writes The Microsoft Band, introduced last month, hosts a slew of amazing sensors, but like so many wearable computing devices, users are unable to access their own data. A Brown University professor decompiles the app, finds that the data is transmitted to the Microsoft "cloud", and explains how to intercept the traffic to retrieve the raw minute-by-minute data captured by the Band.
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Extracting Data From the Microsoft Band

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  • So, that's like the early Ramones? All the songs 2 minutes and 30 seconds long, three chords max?
    • Except they lose sync after a minute or so, thus after 2 minutes 30 seconds they're all playing a different song.
      • Except they lose sync after a minute or so, thus after 2 minutes 30 seconds they're all playing a different song.

        Hence the maximum duration being limited to 2 minutes 30 seconds.

  • Why would anyone allow Mickey$oft to spy on you even more they already do now through their O/S's, Bing, etc...???

    Anyone who does deserves the results!!!

    • At this point in time it is a pick your poison, don't like sharing that sort of data with anyone, especially a big company like MS, but at least it is not as bad Google.

      • ARE YOU SERIOUS???

        By all means! Trust Mickey$oft, the NSA, and who knows who else, with your life and all your data! ;^)

        As for me, as I say: "Keep your friends close, your enemies closer, and all your data in your pocket!!!"

        In other words, I will keep my data out of the so-called, "Cloud" and on my own servers, under my sole control!

        • Sole control of Internet-connected devices ... especially servers.

        • Firstly this data is pretty irrelevant to most and I seriously doubt anyone gives a shit about what my heart rate and how far I walked today much less the NSA. secondly if you decide the convenience is worth your loss of control of the data (which it isn't for me, but others may feel differently) then at least MS is better than having a company like google have access to it and they seem to be the other likely candidate in this arena.

  • Seems only thing this industry is capable of producing these days is creepy stalker gadgets.

    • It's disgusting that companies behave like creepy stalkers when they have your data, but...

      I think it's interesting that mankind shows this need to quantify itself and achieve a sort of data-driven physical self-awareness. We're seeing the first generation to possess this kind of data, and I look forward to seeing what Smart People and Other Hackers can do with this data and their physical self-awareness. Perhaps when mankind has satiated its desire for physical self-awareness, we'll be able to return to ou

      • I suppose I find it less interesting and simply factual. People respond well to having a number to try to move, or a goal to try to reach. Knowing this about myself, it's a useful tool to have.

        The one thing I wouldn't mind changing is having a vendor that keeps all the data local rather than uploading it to servers somewhere. I don't care too much that it's uploaded to servers somewhere, but it'd be a nice plus if I had the option to keep everything local. Then again, I use sites that have a social fitn

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