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Data Storage Upgrades

Samsung Release First SSD With 3D NAND 85

Vigile (99919) writes "As SSD controllers continue to evolve, so does the world of flash memory. With the release of the Samsung 850 Pro SSD announced today, Samsung is the first company to introduce 3D NAND technology to the consumer. By using 30nm process technology that might seem dated in some applications, Samsung has been reliably able to stack lithography and essentially "tunnel holes" in the silicon while coating the inside with the material necessary to hold a charge. The VNAND being used with the Samsung 850 Pro is now 32 layers deep, and though it lowers the total capacity per die, it allows Samsung to lower manufacturer costs with more usable die per wafer. This results in more sustainable and reliable performance as well as a longer life span, allowing Samsung to offer a 10 year warranty on the new drives. PC Perspective has a full review with performance results and usage over time that shows Samsung's innovation is leading the pack."
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Samsung Release First SSD With 3D NAND

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  • Man, this has to be the most blatant Slashvertisement I've ever read. The summary even sounds as though it was written by a professional ad copy writer. Gimme a break, Dicedot!

    • Come on, man.
    • Samsung has the same brand recognition as apple among slashdot crowd and this does seem interesting stuff in a more technical way than your average apple article.

      If it were the launch of Iphone 7 or 8 (or whatever number it is now) you would not call it slashvertisement.

      • Some would. I don't own an iphone, I don't care about iphones, they're just smartphones, like any other. If it had some radical new technology like built in satellite or a teleporter, I'd care, but if Apple craps out another shiny brushed aluminum thing and Slashdot wanks all over it, it's a slashvertisement.

    • by Anonymous Coward

      I see what you mean, though I think it might be a case of poor writing rather than a true paid advertisement.

      The summary does read like a product launch advertisement from the manufacturer. The word "Samsung" is used seven times in six sentences, the last sounding more like hyperbole than fact.

      "..Samsung's innovation is leading the pack!"

    • The summary even sounds as though it was written by a professional ad copy writer. Gimme a break, Dicedot!

      Would you prefer a summary written by a primary school kid like the normal quality of work we get from Slashdot?

      Of note is that while the summary may read like an advertisement the article most certainly does not. There's excellent pictures of what a 3D process looks like that I haven't seen before. Furthermore as a nerd the emergence and the general application of 3D silicon is most interesting news. Yes it's read like an advertisement but there's a lot of meat in this that makes it newsworthy and interest

    • Man, this has to be the most blatant Slashvertisement I've ever read.

      Disagree. 3D semiconductor tech landing in mass market products is still big news.

  • by by (1706743) ( 1706744 ) on Tuesday July 01, 2014 @09:41AM (#47359455)

    128GB - $129.99 USD ($1.02/GB)
    256GB - $199.99 USD ($0.78/GB)
    512GB - $399.99 USD ($0.78/GB)
    1TB - $699.99 USD ($0.68/GB)

    • We've had SSDs with ~0.50/GB for a few years now (since at least 2012).

      Whats getting better is that that price range is now available for capacities above 240GB, and that they come with a decent warranty.

      • by jandrese ( 485 )
        I bought an 840 Evo 1TB for $450 on sale a couple of weeks ago. Granted, this is a TLC drive and will probably fail early, but it broke the $0.50 price barrier and has been excellent thus far.
    • by AmiMoJo ( 196126 ) *

      Note that the warranty is only rated for 40GB of writes per day. Not sure what happens if you exceed that. Sometimes I do more than that through my internet connection, let alone to the drive.

  • In the linked results a mechanical drive with platters smokes them all?

    • Yeah never mind, I see the results are graphing time..

    • by itzly ( 3699663 )
      Lower is better. It's confusing, though. Instead of having "lower is better" graphs, why not just invert the variable of interest ?
    • No. In most of the graphs, all the SSDs are faster. Shorter being faster.

  • Forget the product but think of reverting back to 30nm. Also from the benchmarks it looks consistently faster in all but one test vs. the 840. With a lower manufacturing costs we're probably truly seeing the end of the line for rotating media in most desktop/server configurations. I'm wondering when I can get a 1TB+ with this new process now.

    • Most importantly, the faster IO will shrink backup job runtime between daily delta changes. Winning! =)

      • OH yeah, 100K IOPS of course most drones keep a 4K cluster, what a waste. Unfortunately all I see are tech/press releases nothing in terms of "buy it now" option.

    • At some point we should also see a "year of SSD", where most of the new laptops will ship with an SSD.
      • Well with the 840s coming down in price over the recent months you had to wonder when the next generation would be available. I already have two 840 pros in my laptop, the previous was Hybrid drives which are pretty decent over the old 5400 RPM laptop drives that folks are still pushing these days. Still, in 4TB sizes I think rotational media will still be around for awhile. I have two Hybrid 4TB drives right now in one desktop and there about 70% faster than the old 7200RPM 3TB drives they replaced.

  • by Anonymous Coward

    curved SSDs are coming soon

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