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Microsoft Displays Input Devices

Tom's Hardware: Microsoft Smartband Coming In October With 11 Sensors 70

New submitter TuxHiggs (2691251) writes "Last month, Forbes wrote that Microsoft was preparing a cross-platform smartwatch with the ability to continuously track your heart rate and sync the data to your devices. A trusted source with knowledge of the development has verified some of that information and provided Tom's Hardware with additional details about the device. The source confirmed previous rumors that the device is cross-platform compatible, and added there would be open APIs as well. The source also confirmed that the display is on the inside of the wrist as opposed to the outside. Design-wise, Microsoft has gone with a slim band design that is said to resemble a thinner, flatter version of the Nike Fuelband. While details about the hardware are scant, the source did reveal that there are 11 sensors under the hood and a mix of chips, including some from TI and Atmel. Finally, the release for this device is apparently set for October."
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Tom's Hardware: Microsoft Smartband Coming In October With 11 Sensors

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  • Microsoft? (Score:0, Interesting)

    by Anonymous Coward on Saturday June 28, 2014 @06:37PM (#47342447)

    Will they be sending a refund to all the Android device buyers?

    And an apology for their patent troll licensing scheme?

    You know, the one where a fee is demanded for *unspecified* patents.

  • by Anonymous Coward on Saturday June 28, 2014 @06:56PM (#47342497)

    This may sound funny to some, but please hear me out, and realize that this is a real neeed that I'm describing. As an obese man, like many of my fellow Americans, I'm not particularly athletic. I don't jog, I don't work out, and I don't really have a need for a headband like this. What I do have a problem with, however, is locating my genitalia. Like I said earlier, please don't laugh. A lot of us do suffer from what's commonly called "buried penis" syndrome. I personally haven't seen my penis in over 25 years. But if I could get a digital band put around it that could make sure that my penis and scrotum are in a reasonable condition, then I would consider buying such a medical device. Suffering from buried penis syndrome, I can't always clean myself properly, so a device like this could go a long way toward making sure that my genitalia do not start to stagnate.

  • by stevez67 ( 2374822 ) on Saturday June 28, 2014 @07:16PM (#47342561)
    They'll all fail because there simply is no mass need to drive sales.
  • by rtb61 ( 674572 ) on Saturday June 28, 2014 @08:25PM (#47342739) Homepage

    Just the sort of thing the NSA would love. So monitors all elemental emotional state levels much like a lie detector when ever your wear it. Reports you location and incorporates a bug er microphone into the device. Hell the NSA would have wet dreams about making it compulsory. The soft sell would be, but it means you don't have to carry a drivers licence when police wrongly demand ID they just be able to lock onto your watch and get all the information they want 24/7/365. Hmmm, who will be watching whom, will your be watching your watch or will your watch be watching you.

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