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GameFace: Making a Virtual Reality Android Headset 14

jonyami writes "Virtual reality headsets are the next big thing thanks to the rise of the Oculus Rift, but this new headset from tiny startup GameFace Labs promises to one-up its rivals by going completely wireless. A new article goes heads-on with the new device and features an interview with the company's founder, Ed Mason."
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GameFace: Making a Virtual Reality Android Headset

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  • by BisuDagger ( 3458447 ) on Thursday February 20, 2014 @10:53AM (#46294521)
    I think it's great they are trying to tap into a unproven market because I love seeing new technology developed. But I just don't see VR redefining the gamer generation. I quite enjoy gaming without something covering my face. Still, very cool to see the technology developed.
    • by gl4ss ( 559668 )

      I think going wireless with it is just fishing for investor funds at this point...

      because.. uhh.. give us some more fucking games with oculus support. it's good enough to make them. and god awful fuck no no no not the approach that valves official team had to the fucking controls NOBODY FUCKING WISHES TO ACTUALLY LOOK UP physically if they're mouse aiming in a fps game(yes all the fucking look lock options on the official tf2 vr mode suck ass and suck ass hard). it's like everyone trying to make something f

  • Wireless? (Score:4, Informative)

    by Anonymous Coward on Thursday February 20, 2014 @10:53AM (#46294525)
    Wireless is nice, but when it comes to VR HMDs, it is low on the priority list, below imperceptible latency, accurate tracking, resolution, etc. I'd read the site to see how they're going about those issues, but more than half of the screen is taken up a non-scrolling header.
    • I disagree. Number one on my VR priority list was the ability to get up and interact with an environment possessing entirely different geometry from the world presented to my eyes and ears. Now I'll be able to walk down the street enjoying a fully immersive game of Carmageddon.

    • I'm with the other guy. I think that having cables going to a PC isn't a major problem. Personally, I thing it would be great to have an Oculus Rift with some kind of backpack that contained the PC, or small form factor machine, so that everything would be self contained, allowing you to move around the room or relax in whatever chair/bed you want to while enjoying your VR experience. Does the Surface PRO have the necessary ports to hook up to the Occulus Rift? Does it have enough power to run games? What
      • Personally, I think it would suck to have to wear a backpack while jumping around trying to play a multiplayer game. On the other hand, I'm also sympathetic to not only the need for more processing power, but also more battery power.

        If you could whittle the headset down to just graphics and sensors, and put the CPU in another box, that might be a solution. But it would raise the price considerably. Still, it ought to be possible to use one of the various PCIE-over-a-skinny-wire technologies to pull it off s

  • VR headsets will become popular when the component prices allow it. The technology isn't complicated. What's complicated is packaging two hi-resolution displays, sensors and optics in a package that is light enough to wear for a price that an average consumer can afford. When the prices come down, companies like Oculus will be forgotten as a wave of cheap Asian models floods the market.

    VR is nothing new. I'm willing to bet most of the important patents have already expired.

    I will say that I am looking f

  • The cups holding the lenses look *exactly* the same as the ones used in the Oculus Rift devkit. I guess it makes a lot of sense to use them in the prototyping stage.

  • The initial model of the Rift is centered around getting an ideal PC environment with currently trying to iron out the few issues with the development kit for consumer release. But they're already stated they want to have Android support in the near future with it but as secondary goal once they're done their first initial release. This will allow for using the same device on both the PC and with your Android device of choice. Given how fast the phone/tablet market evolves these days, it makes more sense
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