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Facebook Revealed As Behind $1.5B "Catapult" Data Center In Iowa 82

Earlier this month, an article raised the question of who owns the giant data center being built in Altoona, Iowa. Today, the Des Moines Register has an answer, gleaned from "legislative sources." The giant facility, estimated to cost $1.5 billion when construction is complete, is to house a data center for Facebook. The article lists various attributes the site has to make it attractive for all that data, including access to transportation, extensive network infrastructure, and relatively low risk from natural disasters.
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Facebook Revealed As Behind $1.5B "Catapult" Data Center In Iowa

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  • by Anonymous Coward

    It was another CIA spy database being set up.

    Oh wait..

    • by s.petry ( 762400 )

      It is, just indirectly. Facebook does not care which Government agency buys data, who even who's Government for that matter. I'm sure to keep the money rolling in, they try not to step on any toes (without permission that is)

  • by Trip6 ( 1184883 ) on Sunday April 21, 2013 @09:19PM (#43512611)
    they are about to be smushed by Google+ ???
    • Don't they know that linux is going to take over the world? Oh god this is totally flamebait, but i can't resist...
  • by Anonymous Coward

    Zuckerberg: "I, owe, I-ow-a, I-owe-a."

    Zuckerberg: "Oh, I, owe, I-ow-a, I-owe-a."

    Zuckerberg: "So, I, owe, I-ow-a, I-owe-a."

    Sandberg: "Shut up Mark!!"

  • If there was any truth in advertising Facebooks new data centre would be shaped like a huge vacuum cleaner.
  • by mc6809e ( 214243 ) on Sunday April 21, 2013 @11:52PM (#43513095)

    Iowa is a great spot for giving everyone in the US and Canada decent average latency. It's possible that they might be considering making a play for VoIP or real-time MMPGs or some other real-time interactive service.

    • Re: (Score:2, Informative)

      by Anonymous Coward

      Indeed. The spot where they chose is actually within spitting distance of a large datacenter by lightedge. It is also located on I-80 and within 2 miles of I-35. Heck, even Dice, the now owners of Slashdot, is located in Urbandale about 15 miles down the road by a large TDS/Team Datacenter.

      A lot of the connections from East to West and North to South of North America go through Omaha and Des Moines. Just north of the facility, there is a datacenters with gobs of alternative connectivity that they get as

  • Google's "Trebuchet" Data Center in Finland only cost 230 mil...

    • Google's "Trebuchet" Data Center in Finland only cost 230 mil...

      Google is not used as much interactively as facebook. You have idiots posting when they fart on facebook every few minutes. Go figure.

  • Fiber along interstate 80? Uh, that happens to be the ICN, installed by the state: []

    Somehow I (Iowa taxpayer) am not happy about that.

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