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Happy Hardware Freedom Day 35

Blug_fred writes "For the first year the Digital Freedom Foundation (ex-SFI) is organizing Hardware Freedom Day. With 66 events worldwide split over 36 countries, they are not yet covering the whole world but it is a good start. So if you have always been wondering about hacking your own stuff, be it a piece of wood or some more complex electronic gears then it is time to join an open door day type of event. Sixty-six events is definitely less that the total number of hackerspaces around the world and you can check for other events happening in a hackerspace near you if none are celebrating today. Hopefully they will join the movement next year."
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Happy Hardware Freedom Day

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  • by Urza9814 ( 883915 ) on Saturday April 20, 2013 @04:11PM (#43505627)

    So who's the idiot who decided put this on 4/20? :D

  • Everybody can call every day something special. I say it's fucking air can spray day.
  • yep (Score:3, Funny)

    by friedman101 ( 618627 ) on Saturday April 20, 2013 @04:24PM (#43505697)
    Ah yes, 4/20 - the day I finally free up all my ceramic hardware
  • Is there a list of free spec hardware?
    • by Ruedii ( 2712279 )

      I don't have a complete list.

      However, a lot of hardware has quite open specifications for making drivers, even if open source drivers aren't available yet.
      (For instance all Radeon hardware has had complete developer's documentation released, but the Open Source drivers for the latest cards are far from complete.)

  • I visited the site and am not sure what they're talking about. All I can say is there is a lot of non-open hardware in their photos. Oh, well... Time to free my monitor from displaying this bullshit.

  • by SuperKendall ( 25149 ) on Saturday April 20, 2013 @11:44PM (#43507529)

    "Hardware Freedom" day is a great idea, to teach people all over how to free devices they have they may think are not free.

    And the place I would naturally go to see interesting reports of what people are doing is Slashdot.

    But after a whole day only 15 replies? Is this saying something about Slashdot, or about the userbase? There were a lot of comments in articles covering topics like CLANG, so it doesn't seem like there are a lot less people on Slashdot today - just few interested in hardware at all...

    For anyone throwing up hands because they think all devices today are closed off and hacking is impossible, read the book "Hacking the XBox" if you can. It gives a lot of great insight into how people still can analyze even modern apparently closed devices, and approaches to modern reverse engineering.

    • Maybe because too many have turned it into as another poster put it "Hey lets bash" day although I would say it goes further than just bashing MSFT and UEFI but pretty much bashing anybody that doesn't follow the teaching of the great GNUcious himself RMS.

      If you want people to care you have to stress the positives, we hear enough negative shit all damned day, last thing we want is to hear it on the weekend. What does open hardware do for ME, how does it help ME, what advantages are there to open hardware wh

    • I've updated the hard-drives in my parents' old Tivo series 2 machines. I don't have access to a series one. I wish I could update the software in these machines with useful things. And Tivo is what ultimately led to GPLv3, with the "Tivoization clause" [] included to disallow the end-run which Tivo made around the GPL v2 license.
      As to the gradual decline in hardware/tech/software postings on /., I'm there with you. Look at my historical posts to see my rants about how the good tech topics barely get hit

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