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DIY Web-Controlled Robot That Takes 1 Hour To Build 56

fixpert writes "We hooked up Pinoccio (an Open Source, wireless Arduino-compatible microcontroller) to a Pololu 3pi Robot to create an unmanned rover that can be driven via the Web. We posted a quick video where you can see us driving our Web Rover in Nevada all the way from Brazil. We used the iPhone's built-in accelerometer as a super-intuitive interface for driving the bot. You can read all about the project — how we built it, what you need to make your own (including source code), and a simulator of the accelerometer interface that you can play with. We're hoping to make Pinoccio the perfect platform for Software Developers to learn how to hack on DIY hardware."
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DIY Web-Controlled Robot That Takes 1 Hour To Build

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  • Re:Build? (Score:4, Insightful)

    by phaggood ( 690955 ) on Wednesday February 13, 2013 @10:14AM (#42882919) Homepage
    > No, never ever claim that around EE graduates. We despise things like this being called "building"

    Never, ever claim it's 'cooking' unless you graduated a French cooking school!

    Never, ever claim you taught something unless you have an education degree.

    Never, ever claim you improved cleaned a room unless you've gotten the dust levels down to some ridiculous clean-room PPM.

    Never, ever claim its 'programming' unless you're doing it in binary.

    Geez, anal much?

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