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AdTrap Aims To Block All Internet Advertising In Hardware 295

cylonlover writes "AdTrap is a new low-power, zero configuration device which promises to banish adverts from computers, tablets, and anything else connected to the local network. AdTrap's creators point out that their device works not only with full-sized PCs, but everything else connected to your home internet, such as Apple devices running iOS 6 – and without the need of third-party apps or jailbreaking. In addition to blocking web browser ads, AdTrap is also reported to remove ads from streaming devices like Apple TV and Google TV. A configurable 'whitelist' is offered too, so that users can allow adverts on websites of their choice."
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AdTrap Aims To Block All Internet Advertising In Hardware

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  • Pixelserv on DD-WRT (Score:5, Informative)

    by Metabolife ( 961249 ) on Thursday November 15, 2012 @11:15AM (#41991599)
  • by jeffmeden ( 135043 ) on Thursday November 15, 2012 @11:52AM (#41991977) Homepage Journal

    The problem isnt advertising. The problem is F***ing obnoxious advertising! FLASHFLASHFLASH HEY THING ITS HEY THING!
    Or, adservers that lag and wont let the site load. And when they do load, see above. So many flash adds that they crash a browser, or make it unworkable. obnoxious, grating, irritating ads.

    Id happily unblock adds..Its just when I do, I get ALL THAT again. No matter how long its been. Its like its 2000 still.

    Most content managers will counter with "well if you want free content you can come and get it" but at this point people (consumers and content providers) should be able to figure out what it is that readers really want, instead of taking anything that MIGHT generate a stream of eyeballs and ad the crap out of it (and instead of users following links to read the same information over and over). Here is a hint: taking a news article that you swiped from somewhere else (or worse, poorly re-authored with no thought and no English skill) and putting a timed popup ad that smacks me after about 15 seconds is a really good way to make sure I never pay attention to anything from your site ever again.

  • by Canazza ( 1428553 ) on Thursday November 15, 2012 @12:25PM (#41992403)

    As a web developer that thought makes me physically ill...
    I begrudge doing that with sites I set up myself and *trust* the content on, let alone random-ass third parties.

    That way lies security nightmares.

    There are three reasons why remote-hosting adverts (and user-generated content) on a seperate domain is a good thing:
    1) Shares the bandwidth load between two servers
    2) An extra seperation between Content and Application makes for simpler updates
    3) Malicious Injected content can't pretend to be from my own domain and is sandboxed by modern browsers.

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