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Shanghai Hosts Its First Maker Carnival 20

First time accepted submitter spanner888 writes "The first Shanghai Maker Carnival was held this weekend in conjunction with a Creation Exhibition, an arts and crafts expo with about 200 exhibitors. Makers attended from Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen and visitors came from around China. More photos are in this post, and videos in this one. Other photos can be found in this thread." I like the video that appears to show a smartphone's camera being used as the basis of an input device for a laptop; can anyone out there better explain it?
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Shanghai Hosts Its First Maker Carnival

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  • It's like a Kinect, takes 2D image and cuts out the bits that don't look like a hand.

    I didn't see anything exciting, new, or innovative in there, all of it has been done (probably patented)

    • 1. I am asking around for contact details for the Robo Peak guys so they can answer, as I can't see any contact info on what I think is their site/blog www, 2. I have taken this great Slashdot opportunity to make an earlier launch of a competition for the award winning SwarmRobots - see
  • by koxkoxkox ( 879667 ) on Sunday November 04, 2012 @08:12AM (#41871575)

    I live in Shanghai. Where should I go to know about this kind of event (if possible before they happen, not like this one) ? What are the good local websites or resources ? English and Chinese both OK.

    • by Anonymous Coward

      XinCheJian (, the Shanghai Hackerspace, might be a good place to start. Try their mailing list, or just get to know the people there.

  • you get to see all the latest crappy and half broken arduino clones and makerbot rip-offs.

    Personally I am done buying maker type things from china, by the time its over with I always spend more time or money getting something that works than if I drove down to radio shack (a half hour away) paid retail, and sales tax.

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