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Microsoft Prepares To Push Kinect Everywhere Windows Is 90

An anonymous reader writes "Technology Review has an update on Microsoft's effort to push Kinect gesture control technology beyond the Xbox console and make it a standard Windows computer accessory. Microsoft has sold Kinect for Windows hardware to developers since February and now products based on it are appearing, such as GestSure's system for surgeons in the operating room. Microsoft won't say when it will begin selling Kinect for Windows hardware directly to consumers, but seems poised to do so once enough developers have readied applications."
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Microsoft Prepares To Push Kinect Everywhere Windows Is

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  • Re:How about (Score:3, Informative)

    by gewalker ( 57809 ) <Gary.Walker@Astr ... inus threevowels> on Tuesday October 23, 2012 @02:31PM (#41743315)

    Check out leap [] watch the video, still claiming that that will ship in early 2013.

  • by nysus ( 162232 ) on Tuesday October 23, 2012 @02:42PM (#41743445)

    When it first came out I thought "gimmick." Then I read blogs and new stories for over year after it came out with people talking about how cool it was. I still didn't believe it. But when it came time to buy the XBox for my kid, I decided we needed to have it just to see what it was about. I was actually excited to try it out. We lived our first weekend with the living room in disarray so we could have room to use it.

    Of course, the novelty wore off very quickly and all it does now is collect dust and take up space in front of the TV. It's voice control sucks and using it with the menu system with gestures is just annoying. It's far easier to use the controller.

    At least I can say I tried it, I guess.

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