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Microsoft Surface, Meet Apple iSurface 201

theodp writes "Responding to Microsoft's Windows 8 efforts, Apple CEO Tim Cook insisted in late April that combining a tablet and a notebook would be like converging a toaster and a refrigerator. But a patent application submitted by Apple last year — and made public Tuesday morning — proposes marrying a tablet and a keyboard to create 'a true laptop alternative,' which GeekWire notes looks a lot like Microsoft Surface (comparison pic). In its patent filing, Apple describes various ways that a tablet's cover could be used as an I-O device — as a tactile-feedback keyboard ('word processing and email become much more efficient'), to display additional output, as a touchpad replacement, and even to receive stylus input. 'The experience,' claims Apple, 'is even better in some ways than the laptop experience.'"
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Microsoft Surface, Meet Apple iSurface

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  • Copy Sony again? (Score:5, Interesting)

    by F'Nok ( 226987 ) * on Saturday August 04, 2012 @08:40AM (#40877033)

    Is this another case of Apple copying what Sony is doing, but publicising it better? []

  • by CTU ( 1844100 ) on Saturday August 04, 2012 @10:51AM (#40877551) Journal

    dufuq did I just read? How can anyone compare hating Apple to Racism? I really don't like Apple stuff, but I have a reason. I have how overpriced it is, I hate how locked down it is, I hate how Apple abuses the legal system like suing everyone and the time they had people pose as cops. Mostly I hate having to use iTunes to sync any music/video to the player as I don't want to have to sort through my full library just to add a few songs because doing it that way is way slower and less covenant then just copying a few folders and moving them directly.

    The only good thing I can say is that everyone has some sort of iPod dock for everything and it would be nice to have an alarm clock that can connect to my MP3 player.

  • by ilsaloving ( 1534307 ) on Saturday August 04, 2012 @01:00PM (#40878231)

    I pretty much agree with you, but I have to point out one thing: There ARE NO "good" companies.

    Every time a company did something that pissed me off, I vowed to personally boycott them. As the list grew I eventually realized that my position was untenable because I would reach a point where I couldn't buy anything at all. Furthermore, the average person isn't even remotely as conscientious, so my little personal victories became hollow because they didn't actually amount to anything.

    So all I can do now is, when I want to buy a product, I look at the company's behaviour to see if they've actively screwed over their customers. Either by shoddy products, or some other form of dishonest behaviour. I refuse to buy from Sony because they've released rootkits on their CDs, rolled back features on their game consoles, etc. I refuse to buy from Amazon because they have a demonstrated history of take-backsies plus other things.

    Apple, at least from the consumer standpoint, have done what they said on the tin. They provide good products, along with downright excellent service. I can buy an iphone now and KNOW that it will be supported 3 or 4 years from now. My Google Nexus One? Dropped like a hot potato less than a year after I bought it.

    I used to despise Microsoft with a passion. Now... I just don't care anymore. They make products. I use them or not as I see fit.

    I guess this was all a TL;DR version of, "Making an emotional investment, love OR hate, in something that will not reciprocate is pointless and will only hurt you the long run."

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