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Microsoft Releases Batch of Windows 8 Input Devices 156

jones_supa writes "To accompany Windows 8, Microsoft has released some interesting keyboard and mouse devices, all of which are wireless and use Bluetooth. The Wedge Touch Mouse is an artful product shaped as an angular wedge, being compact enough for travel too. Wedge Mobile Keyboard follows the style of laptop keyboards and includes a snap-on cover. Sculpt Touch Mouse is more like a classic mouse, but features a four-way touch-scroll strip. Finally, we have Sculpt Mobile Keyboard, which is a lighter version of a classic curved keyboard. All four are on the expensive side, but at first blush seem high-quality."
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Microsoft Releases Batch of Windows 8 Input Devices

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  • Re:First (Score:5, Informative)

    by Tubal-Cain ( 1289912 ) on Tuesday July 31, 2012 @11:50AM (#40829573) Journal
    No, no, no. This [wikimedia.org] was first.
  • by Simon Brooke ( 45012 ) <stillyet@googlemail.com> on Tuesday July 31, 2012 @11:56AM (#40829649) Homepage Journal

    Microsoft should reinvent themselves as a hardware house. A lot of their hardware is very good; I've never regretted any of the Microsoft mice I've bought.

    It's a shame their software is (generally) so rubbish.

  • Re:why no wires? (Score:3, Informative)

    by Anonymous Coward on Tuesday July 31, 2012 @12:01PM (#40829707)

    Not in bluetooth devices.

    I've had and used a microsoft wireless mouse with bluetooth, I had to change the batteries every 3 weeks. After a few months, I got rid of it, because the upkeep was simply too high.

    Release a version that runs on diesel, and then I might consider it.

  • by Anonymous Coward on Tuesday July 31, 2012 @12:20PM (#40829923)

    The point is Apple fanbois such as yourself can't handle having Apple called out as being a thief just like Microsoft.

    Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

  • by JBMcB ( 73720 ) on Tuesday July 31, 2012 @12:43PM (#40830237)

    It still takes us 3 months to knock out a simple bit of software, stuff still needs endless updates, problems haven't got any simpler to solve, nothing connects or works with other things properly without arguing with endless layers of configuration. Computing has become the activity, not the saviour of our time which is supposed to deliver us from mind numbing repetitiveness.

    You clearly weren't alive in the 70's or 80's, when nothing talked to anything else and nothing was easy. It would be an amazing feat to get a database to import data from a spreadsheet on the same machine. CSV was the best you could hope for, and you'd loose all your metadata. And networking two different machines together? Good luck with that. Maybe with a serial cable and some Kermit scripts, you *might* get text files to transfer if you were lucky. Unless you had a few thousand dollars for a nice DECNet or Banyan system, of course. Want wireless data access? RTTY baby! A few suitcases full of equipment and batteries and you could open a Mainframe session at 50 baud.

    Now, two people can be nearly anywhere in the world and send any type of data they want to each other instantaneously using devices that fit in their shirt pocket, for the price of a few bucks a day.

    As Louis CK once said, everything is amazing and nobody is happy.

10.0 times 0.1 is hardly ever 1.0.