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Boeing Hydrogen Powered Drone First Flight 160

garymortimer writes with news of the test flight of a hydrogen powered UAV. From the article: "Phantom Eye's innovative and environmentally responsible liquid-hydrogen propulsion system will allow the aircraft to stay on station for up to four days while providing persistent monitoring over large areas at a ceiling of up to 65,000 feet, creating only water as a byproduct. The demonstrator, with its 150-foot wingspan, is capable of carrying a 450-pound payload."
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Boeing Hydrogen Powered Drone First Flight

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  • by bmo ( 77928 ) on Tuesday June 05, 2012 @04:22AM (#40217233)

    That depends on your source of energy. If you have a windmill producing electricity irregularly, you can use hydrogen as a buffer. This is not rocket science

    So? where are the windmills generating hydrogen for the hydrogen storage tanks at NASA? There aren't any, are there? That's because steam reforming is a lot cheaper and gets you lots of hydrogen quickly. Nobody uses fucking windmills to make hydrogen as a business, because they'd go broke.

    The reason for the decision was the carbon dioxide emission fee introduced by Norwegian authorities in 1993, which made it more profitable to capture and store the carbon dioxide than to pay the emission fee.

    Substitute "less expensive" for "profitable" and you have an accurate sentence. It is a false economy.

    I would mod you down

    Modding down for disagreeing is being a dickhead and a coward. There is no -1 disagree for a reason.

    Moron. Meet your new status.


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