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China's Green Data Center Plans 45

itwbennett writes "It's no surprise that China's internet-using population is growing fast. And so it's also no surprise that the country is planning to build new data centers by the dozen. What is surprising, at least to those of us who expect to read stories about widespread pollution in China, is that China is working with both The Green Grid and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory to develop standards for energy performance."
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China's Green Data Center Plans

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  • by Anonymous Coward on Monday January 02, 2012 @05:51AM (#38562070)

    The environment has something to do with it ... hey they do sell to the rest of the world. Image is important.

    But another driver is efficiency. Bottom line, if you reduce the inputs to a product it becomes cheaper to produce. Use less energy, use less materials ... and the product cost comes down.

    That's one reason I've been surprised by resistance amongst Western countries to environment and climate treaties. I mean, all they are being asked to do is either substitute energy sources (expensive any way you look at it), or to reduce energy use (thereby making their production process more efficient and cost effective).

    Then again, I suppose Western countries aren't producing much in the way of product nowadays and don't plan to make their processes more efficient anyway.

  • by Anonymous Coward on Monday January 02, 2012 @05:55AM (#38562080)

    What is a bit worrying is that the common people on the street do not care about pollution. Or at least not enough. I never set a foot in the US, but found that in Europe people clean up their mess. Mostly (some countries are worse). People think about what they throw in the garbage tray and are generally mindful of not using needless amounts of energy.

    Things you will see in China on an everyday basis is:
    - People throwing garbage out of their houses on the street (not my problem attitude).
    - Opening windows and turning on air-conditioning at the same time. Both in summer and in winter.
    - Leaving PCs, TVs and what not running all the time, whether you use it or not.
    - Throwing the most horrible poisons, or glass, or needles, or whatever in the garbage (I worked in a chemistry lab). Rules work, until you turn your back for 5 min.
    - Also, whatever you do, you must absolutely have a big car. Or two...
    - Absolutely no idea what you are talking about when you try to explain this kind of behaviour does not a good society make...

    This is just the normal man/woman in the street. I am not even talking about industry and how they deal with toxic waste (hint: it is more or less the same).

    I only met a fraction of the people here (obviously), but if a fifth of the world population behaves like this. I despair...

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