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Tesla To Build a Rapid-Charging Station Between LA and SF 215

thecarchik writes "Earlier this year at the official launch of the 2012 Model S Sedan, Musk said that Tesla was planning on installing ultra-rapid charging stations along major arterial freeways such as the I-5 between Canada and Mexico, but declined to give specifics. But in an official Tesla earnings call last week, Musk let slip where the first of these ultra-rapid charging stations would be: somewhere between San Francisco and Los Angeles. However, even by the shortest route, the distance between the two cities is nearly 400 miles, meaning that an equidistant SuperCharger would be no use to owners of Model S sedans with smaller 160 or 230-mile battery packs."
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Tesla To Build a Rapid-Charging Station Between LA and SF

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  • by pavon ( 30274 ) on Tuesday November 08, 2011 @03:20PM (#37988716)

    Yes, and more importantly, the main story is that they are planning on building them all along I-5, this is just the first one. So people with other Teslas models will have to wait a few more months before they can get from SF to LA. OMG electric cars are a failure !!1!1!

    Every post that slashdot has accepted from thecarchick driving traffic to thegreencarreport has been full of misinformation and FUD. You would think that slashdot might get tired of being played for fools but apparently not.

    I've about had it with this site. I swear that this is the only reason [xkcd.com] I have had to visit slashdot the last several years. I should just admit that it is a harmful habit and leave.

  • by TooMuchToDo ( 882796 ) on Tuesday November 08, 2011 @03:51PM (#37989122)

    This car is to compete against the BMW 5 series; also, these cars are paying for the R&D that will fund cheaper cars for people like you. Keep whining that its just a toy though.

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