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Google+ Runs Out of Disk Space, Swamps Users With Notifications 321

dkd903 writes "Yesterday, many users of Google+ noticed Google spamming their inbox with multiple email notifications in very quick succession. Earlier today, Vic Gundotra, Head of Social at Google, explained what was causing it – Google ran out of disk space on the server that keeps track of notifications."
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Google+ Runs Out of Disk Space, Swamps Users With Notifications

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  • by Anonymous Coward on Sunday July 10, 2011 @11:40AM (#36711710)

    Never run out of disk no more !! And I am not a gillion dollar company in case you thought so !!

  • by 0100010001010011 ( 652467 ) on Sunday July 10, 2011 @11:56AM (#36711852)

    I finally got an invite yesterday from a friend. It still needs a bit of tweaking but hands down the best social website since Facebook was nice and clean back in the day. The fact that it's rising this fast should make some people over at Facebook a bit worried. I'm going to finally start transitioning.

    Back in the day Facebook was only .edu and thus didn't have the lowest common denominator on it. We used to make fun of people on MySpace for "ThEiR HoRiBLZ Grammer" and such. But if you start reading LameBook [] or Failbook [] this group of people is now over on Facebook. And as long as Google+ remains invite only, I can't see them ever getting over to Google+.

    Facebook royally screwed me when they did the automated bans of numerous apps. [] My app. User 1 (me). []. Was caught up in it.

    When my grandma died I was tasked with scanning in family photos. I needed a faster way to upload them so I wrote my app. I had thousands, if not tens of thousands of photos uploaded, sorted, tagged. Most of my large family isn't the most technological, and facebook was much easier than Gallery. Plus they could tag each other, comment on the photos "Oh this is when Dad took us to that beach and set the house on fire" etc. When the auto ban bot came through it was all gone. My appeal reply was boiler plated. "Sorry our bot says you're doing spamming." Unlike some people, I do still have all the photos. (It looks like there were numerous photo uploading apps that got caught up in the ban.)

    Thankfully with my app it only took about 24 hours of my bandwidth to reupload them, but all of the additional value added metadata that was lost. (I am not retagging them). Any photo less than 2048x2048 doesn't count towards your 1GB Picasa (Google+ Photos?) quota. I've already started looking at the PHP Google API. I'm hoping to have all my photos up there soon. Anyone that wants to see any new photos I take, will follow me to Google+.

    • The 2048x2048 freebies only applies to G+ users, normal user freebie is 800x800. Also you can just upload using Picasa desktop app to share on Plus if you hate web uploaders.

      Also G+ will not be invite only in the long run. However there will be better signal:noise feeds because of asymmetrical relationships vs Facebook's mutual relationships. Most people (myself included) seem content with starting over and keeping their G+ circles intentionally small.

    • by TheGratefulNet ( 143330 ) on Sunday July 10, 2011 @12:09PM (#36711942)

      get your own website and put your photos there.

      jeebus cristo, you people are TECHIES. act like it. 'big content' hosting sites are not the only way to serve your own photos and html, even free forum software.

      lazy. do your own site and html. its not rocket science!

      stop giving all your content to the big corps.

      • I have one. [] I spent forever on it getting it right. Valid HTML4. Can scroll through lots of photos fast. Because I separated out the header and footer bits I've integrated it on a few websites I'm on. I have a hacked together fork that will output a valid KML file so I can view my photos from when I went to India on a map. In all it's pretty awesome IMHO. Maybe you missed out on the part where I said I used to have a Gallery setup.

        But MOST people just don't get that. They want to share their photos with the

      • I'm glad it's so easy for you, but for my grandmother she's not as technically inclined. If I had to make a page for each of my non-tech-savvy relatives who ask me to upload pictures or music for them, I'm sure I'd end up remaking half of Facebook's features. They're already on Facebook, might as well use what they've already got.

    • Off-topic, but this is something I've been struggling with. Does anyone know a good way to synchronize metatags of photos online with the same photos sitting on my hard drive? Most of the apps I've tried will go the other way - let you tag photos on your hard drive, then carry those tags with them when you upload the photos to a website. But I haven't found anything that'll synchronize the tags back if others add more info about the photos.
    • by Znork ( 31774 )

      Back in the day Facebook was only .edu and thus didn't have the lowest common denominator on it. We used to make fun of people on MySpace for "ThEiR HoRiBLZ Grammer" and such.

      Funny, us old people say exactly the same thing about the internet. Too bad nobody's building a new one.

      I suspect facebook is a walking corpse. Not because google+ is exceptionally promising, but because facebook has become so universally reviled that a lot of people seem to consider 'nothing' a better alternative. Hopefully it will become an object lesson in the extent to which you can mistreat your cattle without having it run away.

      Personally I hope we'll eventually see a truly distributed social networki

  • Define many (Score:4, Interesting)

    by kmdrtako ( 1971832 ) on Sunday July 10, 2011 @12:07PM (#36711922)

    "Yesterday, many users of Google+ noticed Google spamming their inbox..."

    Yesterday some users of Google+ noticed Google spamming their inbox.

    There, fixed that for you.

    I, e.g., did not get spammed, (And yes, I have a g+ account.)

  • Google Haters? (Score:5, Insightful)

    by pro151 ( 2021702 ) on Sunday July 10, 2011 @12:11PM (#36711958)
    I guess it is only inevitable. Some people (most?) despise MS, some people (me) despise apple. IMHO Google has always been forthcoming with genuine and (for the most part timely reasons why they have or have had a problem. I have always had good luck and good experiences with Google, even when we went to Google Apps at the plant. I have found Google+ to be a better experience (so far) than FB. Of course they will need to load it up with a bunch of useless games to attract the masses over from FB. I suppose this post now qualifies me as a "Google Fan Boy" and fair game for the flamers, so have at it if that is what makes you happy. Google is Skynet and I am a Droid Borg.
    • You have a point, but just wait until you actually need to get support from somebody at Google.

    • Re:Google Haters? (Score:5, Interesting)

      by jbernardo ( 1014507 ) on Sunday July 10, 2011 @12:25PM (#36712066)
      This post will possibly get you downvoted very quickly by the fb trolls/"relationship managers", like the guy who posted this "news" or the first poster. They are getting less obvious (well, after the idiot RMs for wp7 they only could improve), but are quite easy to spot as drones working for a RM agency. And they are trying to do the same to slashdot as they did to techcrunch or betanews, were you can't find a decent comment in the middle of all the astroturfers. So you (and everyone who calls their game) will get downvoted in a second. As I will be, no doubt.
      • they are trying to do the same to slashdot as they did to techcrunch or betanews, were you can't find a decent comment in the middle of all the astroturfers

        That's been happening on Google and FB related threads on Slashdot for some time now - the fanboys of Google consistently upvote other fanboys and downvote anyone critical, and the reverse for Facebook.

    • For me and many people I know, the issue is privacy. Rather than Facebook selling your information to other companies, Google(+) sells ads catered to your online habits without compromising your privacy.

      and obligatory []
  • by jafo ( 11982 ) * on Sunday July 10, 2011 @02:22PM (#36712952) Homepage
    One day soon, our best and brightest scientists will create a way to alert operations staff about discs reaching 90% capacity so action can be taken before they reach 100%. In that utopia, this sort of thing won't happen.
    • the problem is the "runaway" effect

      i would assume that somehow they kind of goofed on the disk space thing and the monitor got jammed because they had more or less

      60 to 70% : 8 hours
      71 to 80% : 4 hours
      81 to 90% : 90 minutes
      91 to !!! : 15 minutes

      and of course its not like they can just plug a new drive in the server and flip the spill over over in a few minutes
      (note this is why you set the alarm threshold low and or install new storage ahead of the need)

      • by NoSig ( 1919688 )
        From what little I know of Google's systems from seeing lots of presentations by Google people, I think they do generally set things up so that you can put another server in the corner with a network cable attached and the infrastructure to make that server useful to your computation automatically takes over from there. I suspect what happened wasn't that some particular computer ran out of disk space - that is just a simple way to explain it. I suspect what really happened was that the Google+ team had sec
  • Why couldn't they just name it Google Spot, you know G-Spot for short. That's hip and trendy.

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