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Convert a SIM To a MicroSIM, With a Meat Cleaver 302

An anonymous reader writes "This morning, my shiny new iPad 3G 64GB arrived from the USA! The only problem was, it had an AT&T MicroSIM and as yet there is no such thing in the UK. So what's the solution? Get a chopping board, a meat cleaver, and a pair of scissors — simples!"
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Convert a SIM To a MicroSIM, With a Meat Cleaver

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  • by alex-tokar ( 1727590 ) on Wednesday May 05, 2010 @03:39PM (#32103308) Homepage
    Improvisation always wins. I recently solved broken USB connector on my wireless key by cutting a spare USB cable in half, attaching it to the wireless key with soldering iron and some duct tape. Seems to work, and the wireless signal has improved as well!
  • by RomulusNR ( 29439 ) on Wednesday May 05, 2010 @04:53PM (#32104338) Homepage

    Just think, the original SIM cards were as big as the piece of plastic you now punch them out of.
    The common SIM we use today is properly called Mini-SIM.
    SIMs use the same technology as smart cards (which every European credit card now is*), so they were originally the same size... no doubt this was back when mobile phones were the size of bricks or worse.

    * We had a French foreign exchange student a few months ago, she tried to use her credit card at a gift shop, and couldn't figure out what she was supposed to do with it as there was no smart card reader. The swipe-and-sign method was completely foreign to her (literally!) just as the chip-and-pin method is foreign (and unavailable) to us. It was enlightening.

  • No, seriously (Score:1, Interesting)

    by macraig ( 621737 ) <mark.a.craig@gmai[ ]om ['l.c' in gap]> on Wednesday May 05, 2010 @05:57PM (#32105040)

    To be serious about your funny jab for a moment, this guy's brilliant plan had a fatal flaw in judgement, and it was just pure luck that he didn't trash a SIM doing what he did. He made the mistake of presuming that the circuitry inside would be no bigger than the effective external contact area. While he got lucky and that proved to be true of SIM cards, I doubt if he actually knew this to be the case previously and it would be dangerous to think that presumption can be applied broadly.

  • by dissy ( 172727 ) on Wednesday May 05, 2010 @07:43PM (#32106132)

    Ummmm....the point isn't that you can disable it. It's that it's extra advertising that's automatically inserted by default. If I buy a product, the company should be happy enough about that, not make strong suggestions that I continue advertising their product. Most consumers leave their gadgets at default settings, and Apple is relying on that tendency.

    Yea :/

    Now I should say up front, I do like Apples products. But that advertising thing even bugs me.

    However in one case, specifically with my iPhone, I've discovered it's actually better for me to keep that there. Sorta.
    One of the first things I did after setting up email on my phone, was delete the signature.

    I noticed that when sending email from my iphone, I would compose the emails totally differently than I would at any computer (Be it from home or in the office), and people would actually read that as being too snippy to them, or are pissed off at something.

    Re-reading my sentbox, I could see why. They had no idea i was adjusting my replies to be quick, for the trade off of getting a response in minutes instead of when I am next back in the office (Possibly 12 hours later if they send it right after I leave the building, or worse if that is on a friday)

    I went in and re-added that signature, slightly modified:
      -- Thanks, Dissy [Sent from cellphone]

    (Well, I do use my real name for work)

    Now people know I am typing on a teeny crappy onscreen keyboard that thinks it knows better than i what word I meant, and its just the quick 'text message' type thing. They know if it isn't that important it can wait until I am at a computer and can compose a more helpful reply. If it is an emergency, they now know to stop paging me on the loudspeakers and either call my cell, or I would be calling them directly.

    But sure, the sig mentioning the iphone specifically is borderline spamming my friends family and coworkers. They do not need to know which device that sim card is in anyway, they ALL have tiny crappy keyboards for composing long email replies with :P

  • Re:No, seriously (Score:3, Interesting)

    by vegiVamp ( 518171 ) on Thursday May 06, 2010 @03:48AM (#32108856) Homepage
    *shrug* Brando sells sim cutters that do exactly this, and regular-sim sized dual-micro-sim holders that alternate the active sim on every reboot - that is, regular phone to dual-sim phone converters.

    He just decided to not fork out for the tools :-)

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