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Brothers Build World's Largest Model Train Set 4

xbeefsupreme writes "Frederick and Gerrit Braun of Hamburg, Germany began working on 'Miniatur Wonderland,' a massive model train set, in 2000. Although it is not complete yet, it covers 12,380 square feet of space, has six miles of track and so far has six sections representing different countries. Landmarks within the set include Mount Rushmore, the Matterhorn in Switzerland, and a 4-foot-long passenger ship floating in a miniature Scandinavian fjord."


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Brothers Build World's Largest Model Train Set

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  • by Surt ( 22457 )

    Looks like HO scale, what a loser choice.

  • by mrdogi ( 82975 )

    Just wow. If I understood the german in one of the related videos correctly, each vehicle (car, truck, etc.) took around a week of work to complete. The various LEDs are all individually functional, for instance turn signals, break lights, and cabin lights. They use fairly simple steering control, just a wire under the road that a magnet attached to the front wheels follows. However, all else is controlled by a central computer sending instructions to the microcontrollers on each vehicle.

    More interestin

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