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Verizon FiOS/DSL Customers Get Free Wi-Fi Across US 168

Glenn Fleishman lets us know that Verizon is finally offering nationwide Wi-Fi access to its high-speed Internet customers, long after Cablevision's similar service went live. While Cablevision is building out an in-house network of hotspots, Verizon is relying on a deal with Boingo Wireless — a strategy with both strengths and drawbacks, as Wi-Fi Net News points out. Neither Verizon's nor Boingo's announcement reveals the mechanics of how existing Verizon DSL and FiOS customers will get access, but an AP report spells it out: "To use a hotspot, the customer must install software that works only on computers with Windows Vista or XP installed. Phones, iPods, and Macintosh computers with Wi-Fi can't access the hotspots."
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Verizon FiOS/DSL Customers Get Free Wi-Fi Across US

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  • by Ungrounded Lightning ( 62228 ) on Monday July 27, 2009 @06:56PM (#28845007) Journal

    "To use a hotspot, the customer must install software that works only on computers with Windows Vista or XP installed. ..."

    How long until THAT is reverse-engineered? (And/or will it run under WINE? Is it a control app or something that goes into the protocol stack?)

  • Qwest (Score:3, Interesting)

    by Phroggy ( 441 ) <slashdot3@@@phroggy...com> on Monday July 27, 2009 @07:23PM (#28845237) Homepage

    Qwest DSL customers have free access to AT&T wifi hotspots, including at Starbucks and McDonald's. This is for anyone using Qwest's DSL connections, regardless of their choice of ISP.

  • by weston ( 16146 ) <westonsd&canncentral,org> on Monday July 27, 2009 @07:24PM (#28845241) Homepage

    This is odd, because Boingo has an OS X client for accessing their service. If Verizon is using them as the provider, why would it be locked out?

  • by $pace6host ( 865145 ) on Tuesday July 28, 2009 @01:02AM (#28847857) Journal
    If this is just Verizon branded Boingo, then (from the Boingo FAQ [boingo.com]):

    What is the Boingo software and why should I download it?

    • Boingo software turns the arduous ritual of logging in to Wi-Fi hotspots into a one-click love affair. The software automatically alerts you whenever youâ(TM)re in a Boingo hotspot and stores your username and password, so you can get online quickly and easily.
    • Boingo software is free!
    • Boingo software for your laptop is recommended, but not required.
    • Boingo software for your Wi-Fi enabled device is required.

    How can Boingo software not be required for my laptop, but Boingo software IS required for my "Wi-Fi enabled device"?

    I thought the Boingo software just made it "easy" to find Boingo member networks, and to automatically supply your user ID / password. If it's possible to just scan for the network, and then log in with a username / password, why wouldn't I be able to do that with my WiFi capable BlackBerry and "Hotspot" browser?

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