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New Fatal1ty Gaming Mouse 240

steven williamson writes to tell us that Hexus has a quick look at Jonathan 'Fatal1ty' Wendel's approach to a new gaming mouse. At first glace it doesn't seem to have much to offer beyond your average optical mouse. A few of the features are a "four finger" setup with regards to mouse buttons, a mere 1600 DPI but that should be plenty for most, and an exchangeable weight to give it just the right heft.
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New Fatal1ty Gaming Mouse

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  • They even upgraded the three-finger salute ("Zee bird, boss! Zee bird!"). Isn't anything sacred anymore?!
  • I don't get it (Score:5, Informative)

    by AutopsyReport ( 856852 ) on Monday January 09, 2006 @06:44PM (#14431521)
    At first glace it doesn't seem to have much to offer beyond your average optical mouse.

    So then why is this on the frontpage of Slashdot?

  • Sigh... (Score:4, Interesting)

    by ackthpt ( 218170 ) * on Monday January 09, 2006 @06:44PM (#14431522) Homepage Journal

    Best joystick I ever had was an Amiga Power Stick [amigahistory.co.uk] (Atari variety) -- the ones they sold to finance the development of the chipset which eventually became the heart of the Commodore Amiga. They were the best.
    • by drix ( 4602 )
      Enlighten me.
    • Fuck that!
      Epyx 550 XJ [cedmagic.com] totally owned.

      Pshaw! "Power Stick". Loser. You probably use emacs... :)

      • I had one - wasn't called an "Epyx" though, can't remember who made it but it did rock.
      • Man I loved using that joystick! Kicking ass at Lotus Turbo Espirit!

        I still say my Amiga 500/Action Replay was the most fun I ever had with a computer.
        My latest Athlon 64 kicks ass, but it just doesn't have the "WOW... HOLY SHIT" factor as my amiga.

        I dislike fanboys... but I guess I'm a hypocrite in that respect.

        On a side note... using UAE to relive some of my great Amiga days... I noticed... was the UI always so bloody ugly?! (KS/WB 1.4) Must have the worst colour scheme ever.
  • by BertieBaggio ( 944287 ) <bob&manics,eu> on Monday January 09, 2006 @06:44PM (#14431523) Homepage

    "At first glance, the Fatal1ty gaming mouse doesn't look too different from any pther mouse..."

    Looks like the spell checker got pwned by fatal1ty too!

  • Slashvertisment (Score:5, Insightful)

    by Treeluvinhippy ( 545814 ) <liquidsorcery@@@gmail...com> on Monday January 09, 2006 @06:45PM (#14431529)

    Seriosly what's with all the advertisments posing as stories? The admins might as well put up pop-up ads instead of having them pose as stories.
  • Hold on... (Score:5, Interesting)

    by Erik Fish ( 106896 ) on Monday January 09, 2006 @06:45PM (#14431535) Journal
    The article says that other mice have adjustable weights, however I was unaware of this. Can someone provide a list of mice with this feature?

    • Re:Hold on... (Score:3, Informative)

      by tprox ( 621523 )
      The Logitech G5 [logitech.com], for one, comes with a set of weights that you can add to your mouse to suit your needs.
    • Re:Hold on... (Score:3, Interesting)

      by drinkypoo ( 153816 )
      No, but I can tell you that Logitech just came out with an optical with switchable weights. Personally, I think this is stupid, since it's an ordinary logitech design. Their argument was that people had been opening mice and voiding their warranty. My counterargument is that base logitech optical mice are practically free. In fact, I just got one at the goodwill store, along with about 20 USGS topo maps of about 18" square, for $1. That's fifty cents for a mouse if you break it down fifty-fifty. Total damag
      • I have personally opened up a mouse like this and removed the weight, already. Mice don't need weight IMO. It's just more mass, meaning slower acceleration, meaning it slows you down, but the friction can do that and the friction's slowdown is controllable - if you press down harder, it's harder to move the mouse. So what's the weight supposed to buy me again?


        I find a heavy mouse the only usable mouse when I need to do something detailed (vector art, especially). It requires a little more force t
        • Some might say that if you want to do detail work and you want to be able to flick across the screen, you should turn down the sensitivity, and turn up the acceleration.
          • Actually, that is what they usually say (I just shrug them off as I've tried it). I prefer a heavier mouse.

            Really odd, thinking back, I was the first person I knew with a mouse. I had an old Compaq luggable PC (anyone remember those? keyboard in the bottom, green screen?) and the local computer store released the first Microsoft mouse. I brought it home, and had nothing to use it on, until my first HP scanner. Whoa, memories.
        • My take on the G5 (Score:2, Informative)

          by GeekyMike ( 575177 )
          My wife bought me a Logitech G5 mouse for Christmas. It boasts 2000 DPI sensitivity and it can change sensitivity on the fly using 2 buttons below the wheel. you can even specify sensitivity using the included software to up to 5 settings (expanding on 400/800/2000 which works even before installing drivers/software) so everyone is happy. It also includes Teflon pads to reduce friction and a weight cartridge to further customize your controls. The only drawback I can find is the price, but a little shop
          • Wow sexy.

            I think the attitude that price is no object as long as the price is worth the added performance.

            I'll check the Logitech one out -- gets good reviews pretty consistently. Thanks!
    • Re:Hold on... (Score:3, Informative)

      by aafiske ( 243836 )
      The Logitech G5 Gaming Mouse has this feature. I have it, it's wonderful. Nice rubberized-grip, slippy bottom, comfortable feel.
    • Re:Hold on... (Score:2, Informative)

      by Munchini ( 656980 )
      Logitech isn't the only mouse maker with adjustable weights. Razer, who makes the Copperhead mouse, also sells a kit to adjust the weight of the mouse - but its funny to see that it warns that using the kit, which is supplied by them, voids the warranty.
  • by tacokill ( 531275 ) on Monday January 09, 2006 @06:46PM (#14431542)
    Ok, this is just pathetic. Not only is this "review" an advertisement -- it even fucking says it right under the headline!!!!!

    Right there in a graphic "Advertisement".

    News for nerds, my ass.
  • by YrWrstNtmr ( 564987 ) on Monday January 09, 2006 @06:48PM (#14431559)
    Could we GET any crappier photos of this thing? And that bigass 'Hexus.gaming' watermark doesn't help things.

    Oh, and please lose those mouseover keyword thingies. They come in at about a 9.5 on the Annoy-O-Meter scale

  • by Krach42 ( 227798 ) on Monday January 09, 2006 @06:50PM (#14431577) Homepage Journal
    This mouse was clearly not designed to be used equally with both hands... if you're left handed, it's going to be a bitch to use. (Correction, if you use your mouse with your left hand, it's going to be a bitch to use.)
    • This mouse was clearly not designed to be used equally with both hands... if you're left handed, it's going to be a bitch to use. (Correction, if you use your mouse with your left hand, it's going to be a bitch to use.)

      As a fellow leftie...let me just say I'm glad they decided not to compromise. Every mouse that tries to keep things left/right neutral only end up being awkward because they've had to sacrafice comfort & feel to make it "switchable".

      Any task repeated often enough comes to feel like that'
      • As a fellow leftie...

        Actually, in the grand spirit of Americans complaining about things that don't actually effect them, I am in fact a right hander. My dad is left handed though, and I've gotten comfortable enough at using a mouse left handed (because I'm too lazy to move it back to the other side) that it doesn't feel entirely weird.

        let me just say I'm glad they decided not to compromise. Every mouse that tries to keep things left/right neutral only end up being awkward because they've had to sacrafice
    • Try the razer copperhead. It's an equal-shaped mouse for lefties or righties, comes with the same 2000dpi laser sensor as the logitech G5 and a better way of changing sensitivity on the fly (button+scroll wheel to anywhere on a 1-20 scale rather than 3 pre-defined sensitivities).

      Another nice feature is it stores up to 5 sets of settings (button mappings) in the mouse itself, so you can plug it into any machine without having to reconfigure the mouse every time.

      The 4 side buttons are equally positioned, two
  • I see the link's image shows the fourth button as a 'thumb button' on the side. question: is there another one on the other side for us lefties? we always get the short end of the stick when it comes to gaming mice and flight-sticks!
  • The point of this story was not to highlight a brand new mouse...the point was that this is quite possibly the first product named after a professional video gamer (Although I could be wrong. If someone could provide a counter-example, please do).
  • I haven't seen any new "gaming mice" that have any sort of vibration. I'm not giving up my Logitech iFeel mouse until it either breaks or someone puts force feedback into a new mouse. I think it's a good idea anyway.
  • I saw it at CES 2006 (Score:5, Interesting)

    by SixDimensionalArray ( 604334 ) on Monday January 09, 2006 @07:06PM (#14431691)
    *sarcasm* Wow... a fancy mouse! *sarcasm*

    I saw and touched it at the Creative booth at CES 2006. IMHO, it's just another Fatal1ty gimmick, mostly useless bells and whistles. The one touch sensitivity feature was kind of interesting, but seeing as how I only ever adjust the sensitivity ONCE in most games and don't change it much, it is not that practical. The weights might be handy if multiple people game on the same PC, but when I played with it I didn't find a reason to change the weight in the middle of my Quake 4 gaming, for example. I didn't seem to notice the extra accuracy too much. I did feel that the mouse was a little bit small though, somehow didn't have a place to really rest the hand comfortably.

    A little off-topic, but the Creative X-Fi (http://www.creative.com/products/product.asp?cate gory=1&subcategory=208&product=14000 [creative.com]) sound system in the same booth was very powerful, and I could feel the chaingun rounds pummeling my chest!

    • A little off-topic, but the Creative X-Fi (http://www.creative.com/products/product.asp?cate [creative.com] gory=1&subcategory=208&product=14000) sound system in the same booth was very powerful, and I could feel the chaingun rounds pummeling my chest!

      That's not really helping, a sound card isn't supposed to be powerful (and isn't, really), it's supposed to

      • offer a perfect rendering of the data with as few distortion as possible
      • Suck the lowest possible level of ressources from your main CPU
      • Have additional f
    • A sensitivity toggle would be immeasurably useful for sniping.
      • " A sensitivity toggle would be immeasurably useful for sniping."

        No kidding. I play Battlefield 2 and Desert Combat as lot and while I have an optical mouse, it doesn't have as high a resolution as these new mice. When I have my sensitivity set way up high, and then go snipe, I can't move the cursor as precisely. This kind of setting would be very useful, and I can even see it being useful with vehicles or vehicle mounted guns.

      • A motherfucker I know (and if you've played against him, you'd call him a mofo, too) claims that's how he gets his knifes in CS:S. Normally plays w/ the dpi jacked up, but kicks it way down to knife w/o missing.

      • For quake I use a key mapping and alias for changing my mouse sensitivity. It's fairly easy.

        You can combine the sensitivity switching with the zoom in/out keys/events.

        I'm sure you can do this with CS (since it's based on the Quake Engine - has similar console commands) and most decent FPS.
  • Out of 3 Fatal1ty motherboards I've bought, one arrived DOA, one failed within a few days, and one remains operational. Hopefully the mice are better.


  • ...too bad he just got p0wned [kotaku.com].

    • I love comments in the link you posted... saying that Fatal1ty isn't a real pro until he can whip someone in Mariokart or Bust-a-Move.. genius. Unintended comedic genius.
  • by writermike ( 57327 ) on Monday January 09, 2006 @07:22PM (#14431788)
    While Fatal1ty is capitalizing on his new-found fame, it should be known that Fatal1ty recently lost [kotaku.com] his self-titled tournament at CES.

    Which begs the question: Do we really want to buy a mouse named after someone who loses games? I mean, if you really want to do that, then I will soon announce my WriterMike Mouse. From Zero-To-Throwing the Computer Out The Window in 7.5 seconds.
    • "Which begs the question: Do we really want to buy a mouse named after someone who loses games? "

      Everyone loses games, especially in FPS games, no one wins consistently 100% of the time. When I used to play quake and other FPS games on the ladders you had to practice all the f'n time to keep up and people traded wins back and forth when you're very competitive you'll win and lose because the competition is so good.
      • Everyone loses games, especially in FPS games, no one wins consistently 100% of the time.

        In those aforementioned FPS games, I lose consistently 100% of the time. Therefore, if you were to play me...

      • 'Everyone loses games, especially in FPS games, no one wins consistently 100% of the time."

        So let me pose the question that a lot of us are thinking of while we blanch in disgust of this blatent attempt to use celebrity to sell a product (one of the most pathetic ideas I've ever seen).

        "Why should I even care who he is let alone whether he's a winner or a loser. Why should that affect my mouse purchasing decision?"

        The answer? Well, I'm sure you already know that.

    • ... Steve Ballmer chairs?
    • This might be a reading comprehension issue. He played about 40 rounds against 40 people over three days and lost once. In sudden death mode, 5-4, to another pro gamer. I was there.

      If you think this makes him a bad player, or even an average player, or even a slighly above average player, you're mistaken.

  • but that mouse gets the prize, it's ugly as a sin and looks badly built...
  • So, I'm curious.

    I used to be a pretty hardcore gamer, but these days, my time's dominated by school and work. But I still know some really hardcare gamer types, including some competetive Quake players.

    Invariably, when I ask them about fatal1ty, the response I get is either "Who?" or along the lines of "Fuck that nob gobbler!"

    Is this the exception, or is plastering this guy's name on their products basically a waste of money? I mean, independant of the mouse itself - do they thing anyone gives a flying fuck
    • The people who care are those who want badly to be hardcore gamers, and think that knowing of a "celebrity" will make them fit in.

      Everyone else just plays the games that they enjoy, may watch or follow the occasional ladder for fun, and gets on with life.
  • Funny review (Score:2, Informative)

    by DJCater ( 877532 )
    Here [dearwandy.com]
  • I can't stand most games, but especially FPSes with a mouse. Too hard to pull off a lot of moves with a mouse compared to a trackball that I can just flick with my fingertips.

    Then again, I tend to reconfig the default wasd kb config to qwes because it hurts to use the default for a long period, but with the fwd and left/right keys even.. doesn't bother me at all.
  • by jlseagull ( 106472 ) on Monday January 09, 2006 @07:55PM (#14431994) Homepage
    I've thought of hacking together a mouse that had dual optical sensors for axial rotation in addition to the standard translation of a single sensor mouse. User interfaces for 3D CAD programs would benefit - twist to rotate the object. Gaming would benefit - you could circle strafe with one hand by making the twist of the mouse accelerate the strafe. OS GUIs would benefit - click on an object then turn the mouse to activate an option on the context menu.

    Good idea, or invitation for wrist-strain lawsuits?
    • Good idea, or invitation for wrist-strain lawsuits?

      It's not that it's a bad idea, but a cheaper version of the spaceball would, I think, be substantially more useful. Why add one axis when you can add four? I mean, if you're going to get more complicated anyway.

      One reason it IS a bad idea potentially is that we don't usually move mice in a straight line, it's not something our arm really wants to do. So you'll be rotating even when you don't intend to.

    • There are at least two Logitech mice I'm aware of that use dual sensors: mouseman dual optical [virtual-hideout.net] and a much newer V400 [mobilemag.com] laptop laser mouse. I only had a regular mouseman optical, so I never researched what could be done with two sensors. There might be a simple software hack to do what you describe... or not, and you'd have to tear apart the poor animals to get two outputs.
  • "As a gamer..." (Score:2, Insightful)

    by js92647 ( 917218 )
    Time to burn some karma of my own...

    I see there are quite a few "as a gamer" and "as a hardcore gamer" and even a bit of "I play games and..."

    Here's my take on it:

    I don't see a purpose to this mouse. Honestly, you can fit as many buttons in certain places as you want to, but it won't change a goddamn thing. Take a look at your Numpad. Do you honestly use those numbers while playing the game to switch between weapons or select a choice of a menu? As far as I know a lot of gamers use the keyboard. The sta
    • This mouse is geared towards hardcore FPS gamers, and it has features that a hardcore FPS gamer would presumably like/appreciate, like a design that isn't supposed to hurt your wrist after several consecutive hours of gaming (helps avoid later carpal tunnel too, supposedly), and a design that lets you easily tweak your sensitivity to "just right" - which is something you have to do often at tournaments, when you're playing on a different machine every time. The variable weights are not unique to this mouse
    • a 5 button mouse can be a huge improvement. I use an older MS Intellimouse for gaming. It has the standard 2 buttons and wheel (which clicks) plus two side buttons accessible via the thumb.
      In Jedi Knight 2 and Jedi Academy you have weapon selection, force power selection, weapon activation and force power activation. With a five button mouse you can do all of these without using the keyboard.
      In MMOs I put additional things like autorun or camera rotation and reset on the mouse. I also use the thumb button
  • The .xls mouse. (Score:2, Interesting)

    Im still waiting for the in-developement Fatal1ty officemouse. They say it will improve chart generationtimes by up to 10%.
  • I have never had much luck with optical mice for gaming; they seem to be "glued" to the desk--you need to lift them much further in order to keep them from tracking. Do other people actually use and like optical mice for gaming?
  • And here I was hoping it had built in electrodes to give you a jolt when you get shot.
  • it's even got an e-stop incorporated, just in case that gaming get's the heart beating a little *too* quickly. Nice to see that it comes in that nice, OSHA approved Red.

    I wonder if it stops the game, or just shuts off the computer altogether.
  • Creative: Hey Mr. Fatal1ty, can we pay you $20,000 to put your name on this average mouse?
    Fatal1ty: You betcha.
  • by proxima ( 165692 ) on Tuesday January 10, 2006 @12:29AM (#14433291)
    a mere 1600 DPI but that should be plenty for most

    I'd be wary of buying such a mouse for use on a Linux/BSD system. I realize, though, that most gamers use Windows. It would seem that under many circumstances, there is no way to set the speed of a mouse in xorg/xfree86. Sure, you can set the acceleration, but if you happen to have, say, a shiny new Logitech Cordless MouseMan Optical (800dpi), the thing is so fast that you have to set the acceleration to be

    Why is losing mouse acceleration a big deal? It means that you cannot move across the screen with a quick movement while maintaining the ability to make small movements easily. It turns out that in operating system like Mac OS X, they actually "decelerate" for very slow movements - it takes a greater distance to move one pixel. I had never noticed these things before.

    This issue is already on the TODO list [x.org] and in their bugzilla system [freedesktop.org] submitted by someone else. The goal is eventually to have a much smarter system for mouse speed and acceleration, to suit all tastes. I hope it gets some attention (perhaps as an add-on to the new X11R7), as right now I went back to an older mouse that works with acceleration (but isn't optical).

    My mouse is simply incredibly fast (and I can't imagine another reason than the doubled dpi from most mice) - plugging it into my Mac Mini showed it was much faster than a wired Logitech optical mouse, and the discrete settings Mac OS X offered for mouse speed proved either too slow or too fast. I think the bundled Logitech software allows for finer control of mouse movement, though.

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