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Fall Commodore Expo 2004 Announced 12

IL-CSIXTY4 writes "On September 4th, fans of the classic Commodore 64 personal computer will converge on the suburb of Lisle, Illinois for the annual Fall Commodore Expo. This event will feature demos of the latest hardware and software available to Commodore users. It will also have vendors, guest speakers, and a raffle with drawings throughout the day. In the year 2004, this 20-plus year old platform still has a dedicated fanbase. Come join them as they reminisce about the 'good old days', and then push this outdated platform to the limit!"
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Fall Commodore Expo 2004 Announced

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  • I actually used to live not too far away from there. Wheaton, actually, if anybody knows the area. My mom and old friends are always trying to convince me to head back there. I think they may all be due for a brief visit! Anybody know of anything interesting like this that exists in the Denver metro area? I swear, Denver is just a crappy Chicago knockoff with a better view. (Mountains are west, and go up... Lake is east, and exists because the land goes down... Soo... Symetrical...)

    I never actuall
    • I had the VIC20 first and then the C64. I think I probably spent a total of about 40 hours playing around with the VIC, mostly typing in the occasional bad game from a magazine. The C64, on the other hand, took over my life with its spacious (170K!) disc drive, fast (300 BAUD!) modem, detailed (NTSC COMPOSITE!) monitor and fancy (DOT MATRIX!) printer. Between the cool Color 64 BBSes in Portland (Commodore-character art was the best) and Microprose games (Gunship, Pirates! and Red Storm Rising rocked my w
    • There are two main Commodore Expos during the year. One is the Fall Expo, which the SWRAP user group hosts in the Chicago area. The other is the Spring Expo held just outside Louisville every Memorial Day. This December, there's also going to be a revival of the old World of Commodore show in Toronto. Hopefully this will become an annual event as well. Links to both of these shows can be found on the SWRAP Expo home page. There are also various classic gaming/computing shows all over the country. You

  • the suburb of Lisle, Illinois

    Lisle Illinois has a suburb? I'm from Illinois and I've never heard of the place, let alone its suburb. ;-)

  • I first read that the platform has a dedicated fanbase of 20-plus people. :) Not far off, but I clearly need my morning shot of caffeine...


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