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"Red is Dead" Optical Mice LED Change 500

A reader sent us the HOWTO for changing that red LED on your fancy-pants new optical mouse to blue - or, I suppose any other color. I think I'm fine with what I've got - although, the glass tops on tables does make using optical mice a pain there.
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"Red is Dead" Optical Mice LED Change

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  • why?? (Score:2, Insightful)

    by Anonymous Coward
    You don't really stare at the light under your mouse do you?
  • by dirvish ( 574948 ) <dirvish@fo u n d n e> on Friday November 08, 2002 @12:17PM (#4625663) Homepage Journal
    Can you use a black light?
  • logitech is blue... (Score:5, Interesting)

    by b_pretender ( 105284 ) on Friday November 08, 2002 @12:17PM (#4625670)
    When I bought my Logitech optical a 1.5 years ago, I stopped at RadioShack on the way home to pick up a blue LED. I was planning to change it first thing when I got home.

    However, upon pluggin my mouse into the computer, the logitech logo and mouse in general glowed blue!!! I was happy. Although the LED on the bottom was red, they had an *extra* LED that was blue for the logo and the *glowing* plastic. That made my day and it involved NO soldering.

    • by Wiseazz ( 267052 )
      I'm looking at my Microsoft optical now... it looks like it also has a seperate cosmetic led for the logo on the back... I may just try swithcing that out instead of risking the one used for tracking (there may just be one... I haven't taken it apart to check).

      An optical mouse is still a little expensive for me to experiment with. As in, my wife won't let me :)
    • My IBM optical has that as well; the tracking LED is red, but the mousewheel glows a bright, even blue. I've never had a better mouse than this one.
  • by MyHair ( 589485 ) on Friday November 08, 2002 @12:17PM (#4625674) Journal
    although, the glass tops on tables does make using optical mice a pain there.

    Rub some sandpaper over the part of the glass where the mouse will be. Problem solved!
  • Resolution (Score:5, Interesting)

    by DrLudicrous ( 607375 ) on Friday November 08, 2002 @12:18PM (#4625680) Homepage
    I wonder if the resolution on these mice is at all wavelength dependent. If it were, than a blue LED would be superior to a red LED, since blue is at about 400nm and red is closer to 700nm.

    I do have to say that a blue LED mouse looks about 10X cooler than a red one. But it looks like this type of project will only interest serious modders who have some cash to spend.

    • Re:Resolution (Score:2, Interesting)

      by Anonymous Coward
      Ohotodetectors are primarily limited by the bandgap of their material. The bandgap of a Si or even a GaAs detector should be able to handle most optical wavelengths. Due to price limitations, I'm fairly certain that mouse manufacturers would choose to use a Si detector. They choose a bright red LED because that's cheaper than anything else out there too. GaInN blue leds are a little pricey, even in volume manufacturing.

      As long as you don't use an infrared or longer wavelength, you should be ok. Si is transparent to IR.
    • by lirkbald ( 119477 ) on Friday November 08, 2002 @12:31PM (#4625801)
      If you can move your mouse to a precision of 700nm, I'm very impressed :-)
      • Re:Resolution (Score:3, Interesting)

        by MadCow42 ( 243108 )
        Better yet, if the mouse was sensitive to 700nm movements, I'd be impressed if he could actually USE the thing...

        Let's see... 700nm would have to equal one pixel movement, right? That means that for a full 1280-pixel travel across the screen, he'd only have to move the mouse 0.896mm (I think). That's some pretty impressive motor skills!

        • Re:Resolution (Score:4, Insightful)

          by Anonymous Custard ( 587661 ) on Friday November 08, 2002 @02:44PM (#4626905) Homepage Journal
          Let's see... 700nm would have to equal one pixel movement, right? That means that for a full 1280-pixel travel across the screen, he'd only have to move the mouse 0.896mm (I think).

          (Disclaimer: fuzzy math ahead)

          Who says the mouse hardware has to send a constant (not variable) motion:pixel signal? Lets assume it sends a 'move cursor' command once per millisecond. I (just now!) moved my mouse across my 1024 pixel screen, and it took about two inches (5 centimeters) of mouse movement, at default windows mouse settings. That's about [] 2.054 pixels per millimeter mouse movement. During each millisecond, a move of anywhere from 700nm-1cm could translate to a one pixel cursor movement, then 1.00000001cm - 2cm would be two pixels, etc. The sharpness would only come into play if someone managed to move it 701nm in less than one millisecond, it would still correspond to a one pixel movement, where as less accurate mice would not move the mouse at all.

          I don't think it matters whether your beam is 400nm or 700nm, unless it helps the laser track the mouse across non-optimal surfaces such as solid colors or glass. What may appear solid to a sensor at 700nm resolution could appear slightly patterned at 400nm, kind of like doubling magnification on a microscope allows you to find texture on surfaces which previously seemed flat.

      • Re:Resolution (Score:3, Interesting)

        by theLOUDroom ( 556455 )
        If you can move your mouse to a precision of 700nm, I'm very impressed :-)
        I know I guy who could probably do this.
        He's a neurobiology professor.
        He says he used to be able to hold his hand steady to within one wavelength of light. I haven't seen it but, I bet it would be pretty impressive to watch. Of couse, without a nice microscope, you might as well not watch at all :)
    • by swordboy ( 472941 ) on Friday November 08, 2002 @01:44PM (#4626425) Journal
      I do have to say that a blue LED mouse looks about 10X cooler than a red one.

      Here's Why []

      After reading this article yesterday, I pondered changing the LED in my mouse. Has slashdot implmented some sort of psychic cookies or something?
  • Black light (Score:4, Interesting)

    by hero ( 25043 ) on Friday November 08, 2002 @12:18PM (#4625682) Journal
    How about black light on a white mouse pad? That would be pretty nifty.

  • by monadicIO ( 602882 ) on Friday November 08, 2002 @12:19PM (#4625699)
    Cool! I myself wanted to write a long FAQ about how to do an analogous thing for traditional mice. i.e. how to use a whiteboard marker to change the ball to match your decor.....but got bogged down by technical details...perhaps someone can help me...
  • Major Headline! (Score:2, Insightful)

    by rjstanford ( 69735 )
    Next on Slashdot, a complete HOWTO on adding those leftover red LEDs to your car's window washer nozzles.

    I mean, really. I know that we've been getting sillier lately, but this? Not exactly News for Nerds. Stuff that matters. Is it?

    In unrelated news, a Japanese study [] shows another link between computer use and health problems. But hey, that sort of thing just isn't as k3wl....
    • Here's what you do...
      Scroll down.

      Now wasn't that easy?
    • From the article (in parent):
      The researchers urged more studies of the link between computer use and physical and mental symptoms.

      I always like to see this sort of thing. It helps reassure me that the group performing the study is trying to be responsible and not just scare people.

      (Personally, I'm more concerned that this story is probably a dupe than it being "unimportant to the readers of Slashdot", but anyway...)
    • by andyf ( 15400 ) on Friday November 08, 2002 @01:14PM (#4626186) Homepage
      In other words, this article is: Slashdot - How to Change a Lightbulb!
    • Re:Major Headline! (Score:3, Insightful)

      by kaden ( 535652 )
      Perhaps because that study is bad science? It ignores the fact that people with the emotional/physical problems they describe are more likely to be internet addicts than the average person. They have proven no strong, general correlation, and it is akin to saying "Piloting a 747 makes you a very smart and focused person" when really, the people who are doing that usually already have those qualities.
  • by Blimey85 ( 609949 ) on Friday November 08, 2002 @12:19PM (#4625708)
    Back when optical mice were still on the drawing board, was any testing done to determine which color offered the best performance or was red simply chosen because the creator(s) thought it looked cool?

    Personally I would rather have blue to match the blue case on my computer but the mouse that I have isn't all that responsive as it is and if it gets any worse, it wouldn't be usable.

    Maybe one of the mod sites could do a test to see which colors offer the best performance and which colors should be avoided.

    • Red LEDs are the cheapest per mcd of brightness. That's it. Highly technical, I know.
    • I'm guessing that red LEDs being the cheapest might have had something to do with the decision.
    • Excerpt from the article:

      The reason for this is because the red light increases the contrast of the surface it is lighting up. The tiny camera used to take pictures in the mouse is able to see changes in the surface better, offering excellent responsiveness.

      So, I guess the red color wasn't choosen for nothing... :-P Indeed, the article says that the mod will only work fine if you use high-intensity blue LED's.

    • Blue was rejected due to users making a possible inference to a BSOD.
  • Not so fine (Score:5, Funny)

    by L. VeGas ( 580015 ) on Friday November 08, 2002 @12:22PM (#4625719) Homepage Journal
    I think I'm fine with what I've got - although, the glass tops on tables does make using optical mice a pain there.

    I thought I was fine with what I had too, until I got a glass tabletop... and started working without pants. Now I just cry every time I look down.
  • by El Camino SS ( 264212 ) on Friday November 08, 2002 @12:22PM (#4625725)

    Aw, MAN! And I was just getting caught up on all of my ridiculous case modding and converting my Geo Storm into a Geo Storm "Type R"... ...NOW I HAVE TO CHANGE THE COLOR OF MY OPTICAL MOUSE TO GET PROPS AT THE DAMN LAN PARTY.

    (Like Heston) Damn you. DAMN YOU ALL TO HELL!
    • by Anonymous Coward on Friday November 08, 2002 @12:41PM (#4625912)

      Geo Storm "Type R"

      You too? I got an extra sticker if you need it.

      (Like Heston) Damn you. DAMN YOU ALL TO HELL!

      Well, since he has Reagan Disease (Alzheimers), shouldn't that be more like: Damn you. Dam holds water. Sandwich ape! Gun go boom! Hello pill lady. PILL LADY IS MADE OF APES!

    • by nolife ( 233813 ) on Friday November 08, 2002 @01:29PM (#4626296) Homepage Journal
      I have made some mods to my computer..
      I changed my case led's to show 133 when I actually only have a 100, a racing stripe on my burner, swiped an "Intel inside" sticker from a disply at Walmart and I hooked the 2940UW external led connector to the green power AND the yellow turbo light on the case front. Eventually I'll fire up Winbench but I figure I'm good for at least 60 more FPS in Doom..
  • Cool looking, But... (Score:5, Interesting)

    by CaffeineAddict2001 ( 518485 ) on Friday November 08, 2002 @12:22PM (#4625726)
    The problem is that this can seriously degrade performance.

    What I want to know is: Would it be possible to come up with a mod design in which it switches between red and blue? (Red when it's moving, Blue when it's idle)

    I noticed the light turns off when the mouse is Idle with my intellimouse, maybe this could be switched around a bit.
  • In this post [] about the lego cryogenic [] mouse mod.
  • I'd be worried that the detector might only be sensitive to longer, redder wavelengths. It would probably be worth checking on what component the mice use, and what its specifications are.
  • by MyHair ( 589485 ) on Friday November 08, 2002 @12:24PM (#4625742) Journal
    From the article: With the LED's now exposed, gently heat each side of the LED's carefully pulling on them until they are removed from the PCB. Take your time. This is actually the hardest part of the whole mod.

    This shouldn't be the hardest part of the mod. Solder-removal braiding and suction solder removers are cheaply available and highly recommended. Once you remove the solder, removing the LEDs is much easier and safer. (No flying hot solder!)
  • Hrmm... (Score:5, Funny)

    by vasqzr ( 619165 ) <vasqzr@n[ ] ['ets' in gap]> on Friday November 08, 2002 @12:26PM (#4625764)

    How many Slashdot'ers does it take to change an LED?

    Answer: The ISP hosting the site is about to find out....
  • by delus10n0 ( 524126 ) <<gro.sysdp> <ta> <_noisuled>> on Friday November 08, 2002 @12:26PM (#4625766) Homepage
    I did this on an older style Microsoft Intellimouse, using a light blue LED from Radio Shack. And they're not kidding about losing responsiveness. I couldn't play Counter-Strike anymore or any other games which required me to move the mouse quickly. The mouse would just lose tracking and the cursor would freeze on the screen. I swapped the original red LED back in, and what do you know, it works fine again.

    I don't recall the URL, but about a year ago someone did a comparison of about 10 different LED colors they tried in an optical mouse, and found that red is the best. (Duhh)
  • Red is Dead (Score:4, Interesting)

    by ajs ( 35943 ) <ajs AT ajs DOT com> on Friday November 08, 2002 @12:30PM (#4625794) Homepage Journal

    A great scene is a great film (and I presume a great play, but I was too young to see it at the time).

    The line is, of course, from The Wiz [], which starred Diana Ross (Dorothy) Michael Jackson (Scarecrow) and Nipsey Russell (Tinman). My favorite song was "You Can't Win", which was sung by MJ. It's basically the three laws of thermodymamics, turned into a song about pessimism.

    The "Red is Dead" line comes from a scene were they first get to the Emerald City. Everyone's dancing around this huge city square that's all lit green. Everyone's actually wearing white, but because of the lighting it looks green. Then there's an announcement that green is no longer in and the new color is red. Lights change, everyone is in red, and the dance continues. A few minutes later, the announcement proclaims, "Red is Dead" and I think the color moves on to gold.

    This film was made at the hight of the disco craze, and Diana Ross was very much a part of it. I was kind of suprised to see her poking such fun at the whirling fashion trends that came and went in weeks in the late 70s.
  • by grub ( 11606 ) <> on Friday November 08, 2002 @12:31PM (#4625804) Homepage Journal

    The faint glow of a red light while looking at pr0n just seems natural.

  • Neat mod... (Score:2, Insightful)

    by vasqzr ( 619165 )

    I'm guessing red LED's are used in the first place because of the cost. I read somewhere that red LED's are pennies and blue LED's are like $2.00 USD each. I probably read that on the Internet so take it with a grain of salt.

    I'm wondering how many more blue LED's we can take. I remember the first thing I seen with them was the Sony PlayStation 2. If you go in to Circuit City or Best Buy, it seems like EVERY stereo, DVD player, TV, laptop, etc has blue LED's! I'm sure consumers like them, but I can see this fad passing soon.

    If anyone opens up an old optical mouse, the kind where you need a special mouse pad, make sure you don't remove the infared LED and replace it with a blue one :-)
    • I'm guessing red LED's are used in the first place because of the cost. I read somewhere that red LED's are pennies and blue LED's are like $2.00 USD each

      Yeah, Blue LEDs are more expensive, but they have come down in price since they were introduced. I think they are about $0.30 each in quantity, still several times more than Red and Green at pennies each.

  • although, the glass tops on tables does make using optical mice a pain there.

    Tape a mouse pad under the glass top.

  • .. when you spill solder all over your MS mouse circuit board and ruin it you have to:

    a) Call Bill Gates a poopy-head
    b) Tell everyone "if MS included a schematic, this wouldn't have happened."
    c) Repeat.

    Yes I'm joking silly. :P
  • by GoRK ( 10018 ) on Friday November 08, 2002 @12:38PM (#4625876) Homepage Journal
    Yes, red LED's are cheaper, but there is another reason, too.. They also want to use the cheapest CCD available. That's going to be a monochrome CCD that's sensitive to larger wavelengths. A red LED is going to work better on that.

    With that in mind, an Infrared LED would probably work great with optical mice and their cheap CCD's.. maybe even better than red. You might have to remove an IR filter from in front of the CCD, and be wary of using them in a room with flourescent lighting, but it'd be good to try. How cool is an optical mouse with apparently NO light?!?!

    If you want the "cool" blue look for whatever twisted ass reason, just use a blue LED and an IR LED in paralell. You might have to play with different led's/led voltages to get the right balance between a responsive mouse and the cool blue glow your riceboy heart desires, but again, it should work.

    • by BeBoxer ( 14448 ) on Friday November 08, 2002 @01:02PM (#4626080)
      Works great. I've had an IR LED one of my mouse for quite a while now. It's hooked up to my jukebox PC which is out in the den. I got tired of having the mouse randomly flashing from dim to bright and back whenever it thought that maybe something was moving underneath it. It liked to do it the most when I was trying to watch movies. Dropped in an IR LED, and it works great. No more flashing.
    • by radish ( 98371 ) on Friday November 08, 2002 @01:07PM (#4626119) Homepage
      How cool is an optical mouse with apparently NO light?!?!

      About as cool as a 20 year old Sun optical mouse ;)
      • by jellomizer ( 103300 ) on Friday November 08, 2002 @01:31PM (#4626320)
        Of course you need the cool mousepad with the mouse for the Old Sun Optical Mouse.
        I remembered when someone told me about the "New" Microsoft optical mouse. at the time I was working on a Sun Workstation in the computer lab, and he was talking some junk on how inovative MS is. So basicly I turned the mose over that I was working with and showed him that it didnt have a mouse ball. Then I told him that this particular mouse is about 6 years old. Luckaly that shut him up and I was able to get to work.
      • About as cool as a 20 year old Sun optical mouse ;)

        Oh, I have to tell this story. Some guys at work took a Sun to a trade-show. As luck would have it, they forgot to pack the mousepad that goes with one of those mice. It was a Saturday; they were in a far-away city, and none of the stores carried that pad. The demo was to start the next day, and we couldn't send them a mousepad that quickly.

        So what did they do? What all good engineers do: they improvised. They took mirror (bought at a local store) the size of the mousepad, and took some filament tape (used for packaging). They put the tape horizontally on half the mirror; vertically on the other half. To move the mouse, you would scan it on the 'horizontal' half till you got to the right row, and the 'vertical' half to get to the right column. Since the demo wasn't really _that_ mouse-intensive, it worked like a charm!

        Goes down in my book as one of the coolest hacks under crunch. I know, its off-topic, but the site is slashdotted and we need some idle conversation here.. :-)

  • by Dr. Zowie ( 109983 ) <(gro.tserofed) (ta) (todhsals)> on Friday November 08, 2002 @12:43PM (#4625925)
    ... like there's no tomorrow.

    I have two Logitech wireless mice: one at work, one at home. I spend comparable amounts of time logged in both places (*sigh*). The one at home is a mechanical mouse, the one at work is an optical mouse.

    My optical mouse has been through five sets of AA batteries in the amount of time it took my mechanical mouse to finish off one set of AAAs.

    And you can't use rechargables, because these bad boys need the full 1.7 volts from those Alkaline cells -- the 1.3 from NiCd just won't cut it.

    That's just nasty.
    • And you can't use rechargables, because these bad boys need the full 1.7 volts from those Alkaline cells -- the 1.3 from NiCd just won't cut it.

      NiCad? What is this, 1982?? Try high-output NiMH instead. I've got a couple of sets for my digicam (which will destroy a set of alkalines faster than it takes to fill a CF card), and they're great. See Steve's digicams [] for a rundown of what's out there.

  • by GnomeKing ( 564248 ) on Friday November 08, 2002 @12:45PM (#4625938)
    Every time I see one of these articles, this one in particular, it reminds me of the blokes who spend thousands of pounds to put UV tubes under their cars

    However, the main difference I can see between the two is that when the car modders have finished, they drive around town and OCCASIONALLY some girl stops, thinks its cool, and gets in with them, while mouse modders can only use their accomplishment to click on "sign me up" for yet another porn site
  • Logitech Mouse (Score:5, Informative)

    by Christopher_G_Lewis ( 260977 ) on Friday November 08, 2002 @12:48PM (#4625970) Homepage
    Here's a link for the same mod with a Logitech Mouse. []

    I've done this, and it works fine. Note that there are two Radio shack LED's that are blue, one that outputs 2600 MCD's at 4.5 volts, the other 300 at 6 volts. I used the brighter one, and have no skipping problems at all.

    Radio Shack []

  • by cerebralsugar ( 203167 ) on Friday November 08, 2002 @12:52PM (#4626002)
    A blue LED doesn't help me get any work done. Sure, it may look cool and impress chicks, but even cooler would be an ALL KNOWING, ALL SEEING MOUSE, that wouldn't rely on me to push it around the mouse pad to get work done. It would do all the work for me because it would be that smart. And I would fall asleep during working hours.

    It would be pretty damn good at playing quake as well, much better than me.

    If I could find a mouse like that, well heck, then it could have a blue LED. Until then though, only red for it, until it gets smarter and starts doing some damn work for a change instead of just sitting there until I push it.
  • by Xpilot ( 117961 ) on Friday November 08, 2002 @12:53PM (#4626014) Homepage
    Sith (evil programmers) use the red ones. Blue, green and now purple are used by the good guys :)

  • by JeanBaptiste ( 537955 ) on Friday November 08, 2002 @12:54PM (#4626018)
    Wouldn't an outside-of-the-visible-spectrum light work? The red gets annoying when playing at 4:am in the dark...
  • by Jugalator ( 259273 ) on Friday November 08, 2002 @12:55PM (#4626022) Journal
    If they're going through all the trouble of changing the LED's to blue, why not change them into a superintelligent shade of blue!
  • Activation Voltage (Score:3, Interesting)

    by robertchin ( 66419 ) on Friday November 08, 2002 @01:05PM (#4626103) Homepage
    I don't understand how this can just work, you may be able to swap for a yellow or green LED, but a blue LED has a much higher activation voltage, which would mean that either the red LED was being overdriven, or there's a chip in charge of changing the voltage somehow because it was designed to handle other color LEDs as well. The blue LED should be really dim if the voltage is for a red LED (GaAS).
  • by ryanvm ( 247662 ) on Friday November 08, 2002 @01:10PM (#4626147)
    Well, I've never bought LEDs from them, but I know they have a pretty good selection of VERY bright LEDs of practically any color. []
  • by Municipa ( 99320 ) on Friday November 08, 2002 @01:10PM (#4626152)
    I am considering hanging myself by my cordless mouse.
  • by mamba-mamba ( 445365 ) on Friday November 08, 2002 @01:13PM (#4626174)
    Obviously this replacement worked for the story's author, but there is a technical point I haven't seen raised yet: Blue LED's have a much higher forward voltage drop than red LED's, and will often not turn on all the way in a circuit designed for red LED's.

    The typical red LED circuit is a resistor connected to 5 volts (sometimes 3.3) in series with the LED. The resistor limits the current that can pass through the LED. The value of the resistor is based on some typical forward voltage across the LED. That is, the 5 volts will end up being partially across the resistor, and partially across the LED. The resistor is calculated so that the typical voltage drop will yield the desired current.

    The voltage drop on a red LED is about 1 or 1.5 volts or something (I don't remember exactly) but blue LED's ca drop around 3 or 4 volts (IIRC). This throws off the calculations used in selecting a current-limiting resistor for the typical (red) LED circuit. A 3.3 volt circuit might not even turn a blue LED on at all.

    The best way to turn on a blue LED is to put it in series with a simple current source (this can just be one matched pair of transistors with a current setting resistor on one of them) or, when possible, to use 12 volts with a current-limiting resistor in series.

    Green and yellow are close enough to red that they don't pose a problem.

  • by protohiro1 ( 590732 ) on Friday November 08, 2002 @01:13PM (#4626175) Homepage Journal
    I ran across this []. Its a really cool mouse that has 24(!) user selectable LED colors. You change the color by hitting a switch on the mouse. Now that's cool. Next is to have a red, green and blue LED with variabe instensities...
  • by Chicane-UK ( 455253 ) <.moc.dlrowltn. .ta. .ku-enacihc.> on Friday November 08, 2002 @01:28PM (#4626291) Homepage
    I have just checked around some of the well known UK suppliers (Maplin Electronics [] and RS Electronics []) to find these ultra bright LED's in blue, but I will be damned if I can find em.

    The very brightest I saw was 2000MCD - and that was being sold as the highest brightness at nearly $7US for a single LED.

    Suggestions on where to buy from please?

    • by Anonymous Coward on Friday November 08, 2002 @01:48PM (#4626446)
      Yes, the hosting company shut down the site temporarily. Crippled their server. Sorry guys...I tried to keep it up.

      About the LED's used in this mod...
      They are from (go figure huh?) hehe

      You need them that bright in order for them to work properly. Hope this helps!

  • by cybermace5 ( 446439 ) <> on Friday November 08, 2002 @01:50PM (#4626453) Homepage Journal
    The obvious reason NOT to do this.

    On submarines and ships, they used to have only red lights inside when it was dark (or the person who had to go outside would wear red goggles inside). This was to preserve the ability to see detail in the dark. The eye's light sensors are able to recover quickly from red light, less so from other wavelengths.

    Remember this at your next dimly-lit LAN party, where you've modded your computer and mouse with blue LEDs. And don't blame me when you trip and fall on the way to the fridge for another Mountain Dew. Or get fragged by someone you never saw, because your dark sensitivity was diminished after staring lovingly at your glowing blue mouse during respawn.
  • nice mod... (Score:3, Interesting)

    by stevewm ( 623665 ) on Friday November 08, 2002 @01:51PM (#4626460)
    This is a cool mod to do if you have a mouse with clear sides :D (The $12 Logitech model B12 comes to mind..)

    On my Logitech B12 I desoldered the factory LED, and put in its place a cut in half CD-ROM passthrough cable plug. I then went and bought 1 of every color LED that sells. When I want to change colors I just pull the LED leads out of the plug and pop it out of its plastic holder/lens.

    I've measured the voltage being delivered to every color LED when in the mouse: Aqua (max Vf 3.6), Blue (Vf 3.5), Green (Vf 3.5) and White (Vf 3.4) all get 3.35-3.5v Red (Vf 2.2), Yellow (Vf 2.4), and Orange all get 2.3v

    All of these LEDs are rated 5000mcd and above.

    Every color tracks just like the factory Red LED. And in some cases better! The White, Blue, Aqua and Green LEDs track much better on shinny surfaces. On the same surface Red, Yellow, and Orange LEDs just make the cursor jump around.
  • by Call Me Black Cloud ( 616282 ) on Friday November 08, 2002 @01:53PM (#4626474)
    go down so fast? This site is shutdown temporarily due to the slashdot effect.

    I suppose "extreme" could refer to minimum.
  • Try this article (Score:3, Informative)

    by Quixote ( 154172 ) on Friday November 08, 2002 @04:01PM (#4627900) Homepage Journal
    Since the site is slashdotted, here's an alternative article on the topic []. Note the date: Dec 2000!
    I guess this isn't _that_ new of a hack.

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