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210 Degrees of Heads-Up Display: Hands-On With the InfinitEye 80

Posted by timothy
from the better-than-a-sharp-poke-in-the-eye dept.
First time accepted submitter muterobert writes "InfinitEye is a prototype head mounted display that uses dual 1280×800 displays to create a massive 210 degree field of view. I traveled to Toulouse, France to be the first journalist in the world to go hands-on with the unit. These are my thoughts on the trip, the team, and the HMD itself. 'Natural and Panoramic Virtual Reality' is the best phrase I can come up with that summarises the InfinitEye's capabilities. If using the Oculus Rift is like opening the sunroof on a virtual world, the InfinitEye takes the roof clean off — at least if you base your opinion solely on horizontal FOV. But the new HMD also offers 1280×800 per eye in comparison the current Oculus Rift Dev Kit's 640×800 (and only slightly fewer pixels per eye than the Oculus Rift HD prototype)."
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210 Degrees of Heads-Up Display: Hands-On With the InfinitEye

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  • Re:Which? (Score:2, Funny)

    by worf_mo (193770) on Tuesday October 29, 2013 @11:35AM (#45269721)

    It's 240 but they use 30 degrees to filter out the nose.

    They better up that by a couple degrees if they want my business. Apparently my aunt's only comment at my birth was "poor boy with such a huge ugly nose". To my satisfaction the rest of my body has adapted over the years and grown to 6' 6" while my aunt stayed somewhere south of 4' 10", cute nose or not.

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