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Hardware Technology

Researcher Develops Chemical Circuit Using Ion Transistors 27

Posted by Unknown Lamer
from the when-do-i-get-cyborg-arms dept.
cylonlover writes news of ion based logic gates. From the article: "While the silicon chips found in the electronic devices that we rely on every day are built around the flow of electrons through circuits, with the development of an 'integrated chemical chip,' a doctoral student in Organic Electronics at Sweden's Linköping University has created the basis for an entirely new circuit technology based on the transmission of ions and molecules. Like silicon-based chips, the integrated chemical chip contains logic gates, such as NAND gates, that form the basis of digital electronics by allowing for the construction of all logical functions."
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Researcher Develops Chemical Circuit Using Ion Transistors

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  • by Thanshin (1188877) on Wednesday May 30, 2012 @10:43AM (#40155055)

    This is the sort of thing we need to see real progress in self replicating bio-artificial beings.

    Just a few steps remain:
    - Mutate some bacteria to contain one of those integrated chemical chips as a byproduct of their nutrition.
    - Mutate that bacteria again to create different (on mytosis) gates depending on fed nutrients, temperature or somesuch.
    - Find the correct nutrient/temperature/... map (base) over which, when the bacteria are grown, they create a particular circuit.
    - Find which particular circuit creates a map that self replicates.
    - Feel proud as our species is replaced by the ultra-intelligent logical-gate-bacteria-overlords.

  • by ArhcAngel (247594) on Wednesday May 30, 2012 @11:07AM (#40155337)
    Is the guys name Soong?

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