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Nanoscale Race Car Gets 3D Printed With a Laser 39

Posted by Soulskill
from the bet-the-insurance-is-high-on-that-thing dept.
An anonymous reader writes "Researchers at the Vienna University of Technology have managed to perfect 3D printing at the nanoscale. What may look like a grain of sand to the human eye could in fact be a detailed racing car model, a reproduction of a famous church, or London Bridge. The 3D printer relies on a laser beam directed by mirrors through a liquid resin onto a surface. It can print at 5 meters per second, which is a world record, and the end result is only a few hundred nanometers in size. The next hurdle: printing with bio-material so we can start making our own body parts/organs."
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Nanoscale Race Car Gets 3D Printed With a Laser

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  • by wjh31 (1372867) on Monday March 12, 2012 @03:57PM (#39330661) Homepage
    It's stretching it a bit to call it nano-scale. The legend on the images puts the models in the region of 100um. 0.1mm is not really nano-scale, unless the hair on our head is nano-scale. With around 200 lines per layer, we're still talking about hundreds of nanometers for the print resolution.

    small is not nano, regardless of how much SEO you're after

This is a good time to punt work.