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Smartphone-Style Touch Sensing On an 82-Inch Screen 31

Posted by Soulskill
from the life-size-angry-birds dept.
An anonymous reader writes "Those giant touch screens used by CNN anchors look slick, but have to be several feet thick to make room for the cameras that track the touches. Perceptive Pixel, which makes the screens, has now figured out a way to use capacitive touch (like on an iPhone or tablet screen) at a larger scale, and says giant touch panels with 82-inch screens but just six inches deep will appeal to many businesses."
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Smartphone-Style Touch Sensing On an 82-Inch Screen

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  • by Solandri (704621) on Wednesday August 10, 2011 @02:33AM (#37040982)
    During the nuclear crisis in Japan, watching NHK coverage was a treat. I had expected the Japanese to be well ahead of the U.S. in fancy computer graphics during news broadcasts. Instead, they had a hand-made 3D model of the nuclear plant, giant posters for various charts, and the weather reports used cardboard cutouts drawings of clouds, sun, rain, etc. which the weather lady stuck to a cloth map with velcro. Very quaint, and for the most part just as effective as the CGI stuff.

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