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New CASMOBOT Lawnmower Controlled By a Wiimote 81

Posted by timothy
from the cars-are-next dept.
An anonymous reader writes "Researchers at the University of Southern Denmark have modified a Wiimote so that it can control an industrial lawn mower. The project is called Casmobot (Computer Assisted Slope Mowing Robot). 'The Casmobot project is about making grass cutting more efficient,' said Kjeld Jensen, a robotics researcher at the University of Southern Denmark who developed the system. It uses a standard Wiimote that communicates via Bluetooth to a computer and robotics module built into the mower. Actions of the mower are matched to tilt actions of the remote. For example, if you tilt the remote down the mower moves forwards; tilt it up, and it moves backwards, and so on. The Wiimote can be used to control the mower manually or in computer-assisted mode, where the mower uses autonomous navgiation based on RTK GPS positioning to cut larger areas."
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New CASMOBOT Lawnmower Controlled By a Wiimote

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  • Web-controlled robot (Score:5, Interesting)

    by PIPBoy3000 (619296) on Thursday April 09, 2009 @01:22PM (#27520911)
    I recently put together a Mindstorm NTX based robot that's controlled from a web page. It's been lots of fun, and it even has its own blog (which I'm specifically not posting so hordes of Slashdot users don't try to drive it around terrorizing my daughter).

    My son and I joked about making it do something useful and buying a URL called "" where total strangers will go around cleaning up your room. In this case, I'd go for "". It's like Tom Sawyer charging money to whitewash a fence.
  • Why a wiimote... (Score:5, Interesting)

    by Zakabog (603757) <john.jmaug@com> on Thursday April 09, 2009 @01:28PM (#27520997)

    The site seems to be slashdoted, so here's the Google cache [] and a Youtube video []

    The site doesn't seem to mention it, but why a wiimote? Why not a standard RC joystick?

    The wiimote is okay with games, where misjudging the position of the wiimote will just screw up a virtual character. But why bring that into the real world where misjudging the position of the wiimote will send an industrial mower (with very sharp very fast spinning blades) off in the wrong direction? At least with the standard RC joystick if you let go of the control it'll snap back to the center and the mower would stop. You don't have the same feature with a wiimote, if you want to stop the mower you have to find the neutral zone yourself, if you drop the wiimote, the mower will go shooting off in some potentially dangerous direction (especially when near a road.)

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