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iMacs Freshened with 2.0 GHz G5, Bluetooth, WiFi 790

Posted by CmdrTaco
from the time-for-me-to-upgrade dept.
amichalo writes "Apple has updated the popular consumer level Mac, the iMac G5. So better support the now standard Mac OS X Tiger, Apple has made significant improvements to all standard configurations including 512MB RAM, Radeon 9600 128MB graphics, and on 2.0 GHz models (17" and 20"), a slot-loading dual-layer 8x SuperDrive is standard. The 1.8 GHz 17" model includes a slot-loading Combo Drive. Also standard are Apple's AirPort Extreme 802.11g WiFi and Bluetooth. Pricing remains at $1300, $1500, and $1800 respectively for 1.8 GHz 17", 2.0 GHz 17", and 2.0 GHz 20", though 2.0 GHz models include additional upgraded features. These improvements are significant as this line has not seen a refresh in about a year and the upgrade to a Radeon 9600 graphics card will allow the new iMac to take better advantage of Tiger features such as Core Image, which is significant because the video card cannot be upgraded. Lastly, Apple is continuing the interactive chat and QuickTime support program for the iMac G5."
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iMacs Freshened with 2.0 GHz G5, Bluetooth, WiFi

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  • by PriceIke (751512) on Tuesday May 03, 2005 @10:01AM (#12419576)
    Must be Slashvertisement Day ..
  • game (Score:4, Funny)

    by bosz (621199) on Tuesday May 03, 2005 @10:04AM (#12419603)
    Does it have that puzzle game with the apple logo? Best game on the mac.
  • by 0x461FAB0BD7D2 (812236) on Tuesday May 03, 2005 @10:04AM (#12419605) Journal
    my AdBlock doesn't seem to be working correctly. I still see ads on Slashdot.

    Any tips or regexps I can use?
  • Freshend? (Score:4, Funny)

    by worst_name_ever (633374) on Tuesday May 03, 2005 @10:04AM (#12419606)
    iMacs Freshend

    Freshend - is that like Freshmeat for your backend? Uh, wait, on second thought... that's really naughty...

    • by 99BottlesOfBeerInMyF (813746) on Tuesday May 03, 2005 @10:09AM (#12419672)

      No no no. It's FreshenD a new daemon that works in conjunction with LaunchD to add a fresh pine scent. It is used in conjunction with the new iSmell software/hardware introduced in the latest iMac.

      • by protein folder (228881) on Tuesday May 03, 2005 @12:07PM (#12421100)
        Oh, how bourgeois! This is an Apple Macintosh! The FreshenD feature would never be used to exude a smell of something so crass as pine! Macintosh users expect and demand more, and the FreshenD daemon delivers--a light, ethereal scent with notes of jasmine and citrus, evoking memories of a mountain lake after a spring rainfall.

        Maybe you're thinking of Microsoft's SmellMe feature (which is rumored to be included with Longhorn). It's a shame--they throw all this money at this cool new feature, but it winds up smelling like a freshly cleaned toilet.
        • by SlowMovingTarget (550823) on Tuesday May 03, 2005 @12:43PM (#12421447) Homepage

          Bah! Proprietary smell technology... On Gentoo linux you just

          emerge --odor
          and you get the freedom of open source smell technology. Granted, it makes compilation smell like burnt cooling fan, but it's open source, man!

          I hear that the GNU/Aroma will be far superior when it's finished. I wonder what Hurd will smell like then.

    • by BorgCopyeditor (590345) on Tuesday May 03, 2005 @12:11PM (#12421148)
      It's a German present participle, which means "to make fresh or cause to be in a state of freshness." In other words, "das freshende iMac" means "iMac: the freshmaker!"
  • That's Bluetooth 2.0 (Score:5, Informative)

    by jeffhot (646311) on Tuesday May 03, 2005 @10:04AM (#12419607) Homepage Journal
    just to clarify.
  • by squarefish (561836) * on Tuesday May 03, 2005 @10:06AM (#12419631)
    they've also update the emac []
  • by 8127972 (73495) on Tuesday May 03, 2005 @10:06AM (#12419633)
    is that it now comes with gigabit ethernet. It basically makes this machine usable in a variety of environments such as graphic arts and rich media where throwing around tons of data is a daily fact of life.
  • by Anonymous Coward on Tuesday May 03, 2005 @10:07AM (#12419648)
    "So better support the now standard OS X Tiger,..."

    Or else!!
  • Nearly a year? (Score:3, Informative)

    by el_womble (779715) on Tuesday May 03, 2005 @10:08AM (#12419662) Homepage
    I ordered my iMac in September and it arrived in October. I wasn't the first, but I wasn't far off. OK, it may be 7-8 months since the line has been introduced, but isn't that statement a little 'glass-half-empty'?
  • by spungo (729241) on Tuesday May 03, 2005 @10:09AM (#12419678)
    Whell, I gess litteracie be over-reighted, these dayz. Who needz, it, huh? Seeing others miss-uze the langwidge, like me do, haz brightend up my day!
  • by jest3r (458429) on Tuesday May 03, 2005 @10:10AM (#12419687)
    Am I missing something or is the PowerMac severely under spec'd and overpriced compared to the new iMac? I mean the iMac even comes with a display. I really wish they would take a look at improving the PowerMacs price / performance. It is sad when the iMac outpowers the PowerMac and comes in at the same price even after the recent PowerMac updates. These are the latest specs from the Apple store:

    iMac $1,499.00
    17-inch widescreen LCD
    2GHz PowerPC G5
    667MHz frontside bus
    512K L2 cache
    512MB DDR400 SDRAM
    160GB Serial ATA hard drive
    Slot-load 8x SuperDrive (double-layer)
    ATI Radeon 9600
    128MB DDR video memory
    56K internal modem

    PowerMac $1,499.00
    1.8GHz PowerPC G5
    600MHz frontside bus
    512K L2 cache
    256MB DDR400 SDRAM
    Expandable to 4GB SDRAM
    80GB Serial ATA
    8x SuperDrive
    Three PCI Slots
    NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200 Ultra
    64MB DDR video memory
    56K internal modem
    • I suppose that means we'll be seeing updated PowerMacs soon. :) Also, until the iMac goes dual processor (or dual core, whichever), it will not compete with a very high end PowerMac. Keep in mind that you're looking at the base specifications. The PowerMac can be ordered with MUCH more powerful configurations.
      • by calibanDNS (32250) <> on Tuesday May 03, 2005 @10:23AM (#12419820)
        Doubtful, since Apple just upgraded the PowerMac line last week []. The real reason that a less capable PowerMac is the same price as the more capable iMac is upgradeablility. The iMac is designed for the home user who just needs basic computing functionality, whereas the PowerMac is targeted at professional users who may need to upgrade their Mac to support their work.
      • by Trurl's Machine (651488) on Tuesday May 03, 2005 @10:25AM (#12419849) Journal
        I suppose that means we'll be seeing updated PowerMacs soon. :)

        Quite unlikely, since they were updated a couple of weeks ago (to the 2.0-2.7 GHz family). The 1.8 single CPU model - the one used by jest3r in his comparison - was introduced last year and it was never the king of performance. It was even slower than the "original" 1.8 GHz PowerMac G5, due to slower bus clock. It's market niche are the customers who don't want to pay the hefty price for the "real" PowerMacs, but they want a modular computer, so iMac/eMac/Macmini is not an option. This model probably will be updated soon, but it will be purposedly crippled not to make it run too good to damage the high-end models sales.
    • by MKalus (72765) <> on Tuesday May 03, 2005 @10:19AM (#12419782) Homepage

      I would agree that the low end Powermac is abit... MMhhh weak, but then the advantage of it is that you can expand it more, another HDD, GFX, more memory.

      So for a "family" the Powermac really isn't the right machine but if you need an entry level Workstation for grafic work I'd say the Powermac is still the way to go.
  • What about DVI (Score:5, Interesting)

    by BibelBiber (557179) on Tuesday May 03, 2005 @10:11AM (#12419694)
    What about DVI? Is it now part of the iMac? This is my personal long awaited feature. Without DVI it's only half the fun. A second display is always a good thing.
  • by am46n (615794) on Tuesday May 03, 2005 @10:19AM (#12419783)
    Until today, the eMac G4 could outperform the iMac G5 due to some low level issues, see [].

    If it hasn't been fixed, the eMac may still give better bang for buck. If this matters to you then hold off buying until you see an accurate performance comparison.
    • You're misreading that page. The disk issue is real, but only affects disk-intensive tasks (of course this depends on what you intend to do with the iMac). The high/auto stuff is a software issue that's very easy to correct.
  • by alistair (31390) < minus author> on Tuesday May 03, 2005 @10:20AM (#12419796)
    I'm very pleased to see they have finally started shipping 512 Mb RAM as standard as this has to be considered the minimum to see OS X in its full glory. The prices to go to 1GB are much better, $125 extra for 1GB using up both DIMMs and $175 for the memory in one stick, leaving you free to buy the additional elsewhere (if you need it on this level machine).

    It leaves me puzzled why they are still shipping 256 Mb on the Power Macs (why, why?). However, this looks like a very sensible feature improvement which should provide the perfect all in one home machine and stop the iMac from having their sales canibalised by Mac Minis at the lower end. Sadly my previous generation iMac, which is now 4 years old, is still running perfectly, especially now it has Tiger, so this may still be a hard sell to buy this year.
    • It leaves me puzzled why they are still shipping 256 Mb on the Power Macs

      We ship 256 MB only in the economy model, the single-processor 1.8 GHz configuration. The other three SKUs come with 512.

      Sadly my previous generation iMac, which is now 4 years old, is still running perfectly, especially now it has Tiger

      While a flat-panel G4 iMac certainly should run Tiger well, we first shipped them in January 2002. Your iMac can't be more than just over 3 years old.
  • Thats cool (Score:4, Insightful)

    by gorrepati (866378) on Tuesday May 03, 2005 @10:21AM (#12419809) Homepage
    The cool thing about this imac is that the bluetooth, airport extreme and ethernet card are all included in the base price, which was not the case previously.
  • by SamSeaborn (724276) on Tuesday May 03, 2005 @10:23AM (#12419828)
    Come on, Apple. I want this 17" iMac HEADLESS!

    Make a better double-sized Mac Mini now!

    2GHz PowerPC G5
    667MHz frontside bus
    512K L2 cache
    512MB DDR400 SDRAM
    160GB Serial ATA hard drive
    Slot-load 8x SuperDrive (double-layer)
    ATI Radeon 9600
    128MB DDR video memory
    56K internal modem


  • Must find a way... (Score:5, Interesting)

    by DoctorPepper (92269) on Tuesday May 03, 2005 @10:53AM (#12420171)
    To break existing 800 MHz iMacs! Those damn things just keep running!!! How is a self-respecting hardware junkie supposed to talk his wife into letting him purchase the latest and greatest from Apple, when they just keep working :-(

    We have two matching 17" LCD, 800 MHz iMacs, purchased in November, 2002. They have run 24x7 since we purchased them, with the exception of the power outages caused by the hurricanes in September of 2004.
    • Ahem, I think this [] may help...

      ...but if your wife asks, you could always say that you thought it was the cable you needed for gigabit Ethernet.

      Or just get a good pair of running shoes.
  • Now Update The Mini! (Score:4, Informative)

    by ThatDamnMurphyGuy (109869) on Tuesday May 03, 2005 @11:06AM (#12420292) Homepage
    Now Apple needs to do something about the Mini. 256MB of ram is an insult, especially if they start shipping them with Tiger in the near future. It wouldn't suck to update the video to the 9600 too so CoreImage can be better utilized. Go ahead and leave the drives smaller and the CPU 2.0, but at least take care of the memory issue.

    A "sub $500" mac looses it's luster real quick when you have to stuff memory on top of it just to get decent performance. When they almost never leave stock 1.25/Gh/40Gb models at 256MB in the Apple stores, Best Buy, and Comp that says something about the performance.
    • by ThatDamnMurphyGuy (109869) on Tuesday May 03, 2005 @11:08AM (#12420320) Homepage
      Actually, it looks like they just changed the Mini page. It now says OSX 10.4 Tiger is now included:

      What's included - Mac OS X v10.4 Tiger
      The Mac mini comes with Mac OS X v10.4 Tiger, Apple's powerful yet easy-to-use operating system that's as stable as only a UNIX-based system can be. Today thousands of software applications and peripherals take full advantage of its power and versatility.
  • by paperclip2003 (732025) on Tuesday May 03, 2005 @11:09AM (#12420324)
    This is a common problem: 665&pid=25 29
    I don't think they were using "quality" capictors.

    I also have an entire series of imacs where I work that almost every one has had a hard disk failure. Granted they are 5 years old, purchased in 2000 and are only 400mhz. But started failing one by one after we purchased them, 1 or 2 every month until almost all 60 had hard drives replaced.

    Both Xserves I had purchased has had bad slot loading cdrom drives that I had Apple replace. I tried the firmware update that supposidly fixes the problem, but the drives still did not work.
    Powerbooks with the same type cdrom seemed to be having similar problems. Ended up sending the drives in to be replaced.

    We have had several other Macintosh Computers that could not keep time even after firmware resets and battery replacements.

    I have had lots of bad memory, capicitors, and power supply failures -- much higher than all other computers combined (PCs, PPC IBM Servers). Failure has increased with newer models.

    Apple used to produce quality computers back in the early 90's that would last for years. Now they are on par with emachines or packard bell.

    We purchase many computers and it is not uncommon to see entire series of Macintosh Computers to have to same failure again and again. That does not mean a consumer can see this because he or she may have the "lucky" computer that is not the lemon.

  • Design or Branding? (Score:3, Interesting)

    by fm6 (162816) on Tuesday May 03, 2005 @01:03PM (#12421725) Homepage Journal
    You follow the link to the Apple site and you see the embeded monitor [] iMac, which is now the only iMac available. It's a decent design, but not nearly as good as the pedestal iMac [], which has to be the acme of system design that maximizes ergonomics and usability, while minimizing desk footprint.

    But being a sound, usable design seems to be a minor concern for Apple's product strategy. The big selling point with all iMacs, starting with the original candy iMacs [], is that they look cool. Once familiarity has blunted the coolness factor, an iMac design is discarded -- no matter how good it is.

    Pretty sad. When the pedestal iMac came out, I rather hoped that competitors would imitate it. Not its overall appearance -- Apple is notoriously intolerant [] of that kind of imitation. But the more general idea of a pedestal computer. Alas, nobody did, and now even Apple has lost interest in the idea. It's all about branding these days, not usability. And though Apple's designers are the best, they only live to serve that purpose.

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