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Submission + - Robo-arm signatures are legal, gvt buys one *w/vid (

AndreV writes: "It's endlessly comforting to know a recently designed and implemented long-distance robotic signing arm can produce signatures legal in both the U.S. and Canada. (And I, for one, welcome our up-and-coming document-signing, deed-revoking robotic overloads.) The aptly named LongPen replicates the handwriting from a person writing in a remote location—with the unique speed, cadence and pressure of a human hand stroke. It started as a idea from author Margaret Atwood to help free her from grueling, multi-city, multi-country book tours, but the hard stuff was done by a bunch of Canadian haptic gurus, whose design took into consideration many factors of the human arm and how we write. How it works: From the author-end, data protocols are set up and a tablet measures the pen pressure on a special tablet; the data streams to the robot, while algorithms smooth out all the missed points. Complex math operations were used to help the mechatronic limb repeat the hand's motions without unnecessary jerking, and programmers had to 'scale time' or 'stretch time' by breaking down the movements, essentially tricking the eyes into thinking the robot is writing fast. It was recently adopted by the Ontario Government to sign official documents. It helps criminals sign books, too."
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Robo-arm signatures are legal, gvt buys one *w/vid

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