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Submission + - Bush White House Overloads Station Wagons (

ColdWetDog writes: "The New York Times reports that the soon-to-be-disbanded Bush / Cheney White House threatens to overload the National Archives with close to 100 Terabytes of data. This includes the Barney Cam and even "formats not previously dealt with."

By way of comparison, the Clinton White House dumped less than a single terabyte into the archives. Of course, Mr. Cheney, always the Good Citizen tried to help out when he "asserted this month in a court case that he had absolute discretion to decide which of his records are official and which are personal, and thus do not have to be transferred to the archives".

Glad to see that somebody over there is trying to clean up the cruft for posterity.

Anyway, I'm sure that we can come up with some great ideas for those struggling folks at the National Archives."

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Bush White House Overloads Station Wagons

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