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Data Storage

Submission + - Corrupt DVD Lands Rapist in Prison for 24 Years ( 1

Lucas123 writes: "The Santa Cruz, Calif. DA's office had been counting on a DVD with the recorded testimony of a victim in case against a serial rapist, but when they popped the video into the player, nothing came up — the disc was blank. To make matters worse, the cop who performed the original interview with the victim told the DA she never said she was "forced", so the judge wasn't going to allow the witness to testify in a case where her original statement to police was in conflict with her current testimony. After two local data recovery firms said there was no way to restore the data, a third was able to recover the police interview from two years earlier, which lead the defendant to plead guilty earlier this month. Close call."
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Corrupt DVD Lands Rapist in Prison for 24 Years

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  • "once SRS extracted an image of the data from the DVD, it was able to repair the damaged lead-in portion of the DVD, making the data -- which had always been intact -- viewable"

    Why is this deemed worthy of a slashdot posting, any competent techie could have done the same ..

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