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Submission + - Nvidia rumored to be readying x86 chip release (

jdb2 writes: Rumor has it that Nvidia is preparing to release an x86 microprocessor with its guns targeted directly at its two major rivals : Intel and AMD/ATI .

According to the Inquirer : "THE HOT RUMOR going around IDF ... [is] that the company will do an x86 part. The background whispers say that the part will be announced next week at Nvision ... Nvidia's men in white coats certainly have the brainpower to do it, but they also most certainly don't have a license to sell such a part. NV is basically locked out unless Intel and AMD both decide to be magnanimous, and we would not recommend holding your breath waiting for this to happen ... That leaves the lawsuit option open ... Any attempt to enter the market without a license would bring down Intel legal on them like flying monkeys blackening the sky. It would get ugly. Really ugly. Expensive too."

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Nvidia rumored to be readying x86 chip release

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